M i s t e r / L tells us ‘What’s Out There’

You all remember M i s t e r / L , from issue five, right? He’s back, again, with another spine chilling release, to kick off our issue six | SPACE.




You can listen to his track ‘What’s Out There’ here:


Erik N./ Bandapears  had a chance to interview him, which you can check out below!

phuture: Hey Mister, glad to have you on board for SPACE! Why don’t you introduce yourself to those of us who may not be familiar with the “MR./L”.

M i s t e r / L :  Hey 🙂 happy to be on board. So M i s t e r / L is a dood named Ronnie, hi haha. I freshly turned 23, just graduated college, am from Long Island, NY, am usually wearing a smile and just got dat love for music. I’ve been producing for almost 4 years now, started in 2012 under a different alias where I barely knew what a sub bass was haha and made EDM and some instrumentals for about a year until I decided to part ways with that sound. I took like a year break from posting stuff to focus more on other things but tweaked on my sound throughout. Then one day I presented a digital arts project at my university that was supposed to be a bit of coding, photoshop and music production all in one. So I obv I went most ham on the music side and after it, four other students came up to me and asked if I produced and where they could listen to my music which was crazy. I was so taken back and excited and I knew it was time to get back in the game haha so MR./L was born and I’ve just been chuggin’ since. Now that I’m graduated I really am putting a lot into this and really want to start taking people on a journey 🙂
phuture: Let’s talk about “What’s Out There”, in that the sound design is really unique compared to most. e.g. The bass tone is much more fluid than the usual “future” fare as
well as the tracks heavy lean towards atmosphere. Can you go into the creative process of producing this track and what it means to you?
M i s t e r / L :  For some time now I’ve been pursuing the fusion of rap/drill instrumentals with electronic dance music. I was working on this beat just before I saw you post the themes for this issue so I had the drums, chords and bassline outlined and then I saw space was a theme which has always interested me and made me think of the chords in this beat. From there I dove into some film and environment samples and also stumbled upon some interesting loops that I tweaked and worked out the atmosphere and transitions. I wanted people to feel like they were just floating in orbit on a satellite and wondering about the universes powers, while keeping that head bobbing 😉
phuture: Also, what radio transmission did you sample for the intro?
M i s t e r / L :That sample is from freesound.org! Definitely one of my favorite sites. The same sample comes back around the mid section too, it’s named, 260134__alienxxx__weather-report-irl-shannon-8956-19jul-2357
phuture: While we’re figuratively in your studio, what’s your ritual in order to get in your headspace and focus on music? I.e. some people need a full pack of smokes and a beer on hand while some people need to have a disco ball going while they work. Things of that nature.
M i s t e r / L : Honestly I just need a quiet room, no one really around and all my stuff in one place haha. Kush too kush is good.
phuture: . What do you feel needs to be addressed and/or changed about the music industry?
M i s t e r / L : Where to start.. haha I’m not gonna get too crazy on this but just want to say if you’re into creating music, try your hand at something completely new with your sound that you can call your own and also, recognize smaller talent around you. You can respect big artists and be inspired by their hustle but don’t idolize these people and think that they can do no wrong and that they set the standard. Good, progressive music sets the standard and most of that comes from all the little artists on the come up. Build and connect with smaller, talented artists and there are endless possibilities. Just look around you, because always looking up will give you a neck ache ahah.
phuture: Can you talk to us about when you first felt that you had a knack for Electronic music?
M i s t e r / L : I have to give all the credit to my older sister<3. She introduced me too heavy dubstep back in 2012 and my life was changed forever hahah, which is kinda silly sounding now that I’m typing it but is 100% true.
phuture: Name 5 artists that you feel aren’t getting the love they deserve?
M i s t e r / L :The homie ENICE – https://soundcloud.com/veniceav
My friend foreverplusone – https://soundcloud.com/foreverplusone
And the dood –SIR ROCKET JUICE– – https://soundcloud.com/small_man_tune
phuture: What’s on your musical bucket list? e.g. Some say that they need to play at Sonar festival or some say they need to play a show in Iceland; what’s yours?
M i s t e r / L : I’ve definitely had 2 dream scenarios on my mind since I first started hahah. 1. Producing a track w/ Wiz Khalifa and 2. DJing Red Rocks Amphitheatre
phuture: What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had that involved music?
M i s t e r / L : Camp Bisco 2013 in NY, all of it. Hahah not about that festival life much but was a rich experience nonetheless haha.
phuture: What’s next for Mister/L and what can we look forward to experiencing in the future?
M i s t e r / L : I have an EP in the works that I want to get out for the end of summer if not sooner! I also have a DJ minimix series thing that I release monthly so always expect some fresh listening material and I definitely wanna cook up a remix or two this summer. Maybe a collabs 🙂 just more stuff more stuff!

Interview conducted by Bandapears, who you can check out here .

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