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It is not easy to locate any information about this young producer, but we managed to snag a pic and a glimpse into his trap-laced melodic soul. Aikido breaks traditional transitions to deliver a sensually tickled experience. Be sure to show Ptravis some love and to grab a link to his track at the end of the interview.

Phuture: Firstly, besides this interview, what are you doing at this very moment?

Ptravis: Sitting in bed, smoking weed, listening to and working on music. I work with kids all day so I’m pretty tired, looking forward to relaxing today and messing around with beats

Phuture: What song has been following you around lately?

Ptravis: Suffocation by Crystal Castles

Phuture: You are given the object of your desire (money, fame, glory, happiness). The catch is that once you accept it, you can never get rid of it and you will never again desire anything else. So basically, you will be content for the rest of your life, having obtained the one (and now only) thing you wanted. Do you accept the offer and live in contentment with your greatest desire or do you reject it and continue to strive in uncertainty but with other possibility?

Ptravis: It’s a trap, hell naw. I pick uncertainty

Phuture: Tell me a secret

Ptravis: I like ICP

Phuture: What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

Ptravis: A couple new beats. 🙂 Nothing super serious

Phuture: You suffered from temporary amnesia and have no recollection of anything that occurred over the last 5 years. The essence of you and your abilities is still in tact but your memory of the last 5 years is completely blank. What are the key events that someone would need to remind you of in order for you to understand how you’ve evolved in the last 5 years?

Ptravis: They would have to remind me of mostly all the people I met in the past 5 years and my experiences with them or being around them. That would be the most important part

Phuture: What’s the best thing since sliced bread?

Ptravis: Smoothies with boba

A link as promised: Ptravis – Aikido

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