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California native SuDs brings the bass to a truly metamorphosed state of psychedelic proportion. You cannot listen to Transfiguration without tapping into an other-worldly experience. Grab a link to this track at the end of the interview, and be sure to show SuDs some love.

Phuture: Firstly, besides this interview, what are you doing at this very moment?

SuDs: I just got back from a 30 mile mountainous hike through Yosemite and am in recovery

Phuture: What song has been following you around lately?

SuDs: Keese remix of Raquel Divar – Auxiliary In

Phuture: You are told you have 7 days to live. There is a 50/50 chance that you could survive but it would require you to spend the next 7 days in a dark room. Do you take your chances and spend what could be your last week in a dark room or do you spend the week living your life to the fullest?

SuDs: Living life to the fullest. Always live life like it’s your last week

Phuture: Tell me a secret

SuDs: I used to play sports before I started making music, just always dreamed if it up until a few years ago

Phuture: What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

SuDs: Mal label release in October and a shadow trix music release soon

Phuture: You inherit an estate worth $100 million which is comprised mostly of an old, large house surrounded by acreage. The house is decorated with lots of antiques. The stipulation of the inheritance is as follows: You either have to accept it as is or sell it as is. If you choose to sell, you can only buy 1 thing with the money. Do you keep the house or do you keep the money? What do you do with the house/money?

SuDs: Keep the house move all my friends and family to the acreage and start something special

Phuture: What’s the best thing since sliced bread?

SuDs: West coast bass music

A link as promised: SuDs – Transfiguration

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