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Phuture: We’re honored and excited to welcome you aboard Phuture!! After following your journey for years we can’t wait to take a moment to get you know you further. Let’s start things off with what you had for dinner!

KIN: Hey man, thanks for the warm welcome. So I was feeling kinda lazy and actually made bacon and a fruit smoothie haha.


Phuture: Who are your top 3 biggest inspirations musically?

KIN: There’s so many to name. First off,  all of my homies. I love hearing all the cool stuff they are working on. It always inspires me to do my own thing. Flying lotus always been a big inspiration. And madlib.


Phuture: Tell us a bit more about 50/50. What inspired it? Is there any story that goes behind this track?

KIN: A few months ago when I made 50-50, I felt like I have been going through a bit of an identity crisis with what I wanna do in music. I have been producing songs for like 8 or 9 years now and I have tried my hand at every genre besides country. With bass music I felt stagnant or dry of inspiration to continue working on songs. I felt like I never really honed in on a particular sound, but rather traversed the spectrum of sounds I had at my disposal if that makes sense. This song is me trying to tie what I know together into something somewhat cohesive haha.  ________________________________________________________

Phuture: If you could do one thing to make the world a better place what would it be?

KIN: Easy, stop racism. It’s the dumbest shit on the whole planet and I don’t understand why people are this behind on something that is holding us all back as a species. My grandma always tellin me we have reached a threshold in humanity where we are at a bridge, and this bridge we can only cross together. And we got people tryna tear other people down because of skin tone and religious views, and other personal shit.  It’s just dumb. I don’t get it man. After that I would say we need to have empathy as a species. You never really ever know what somebody else is going through. What issues their dealing with, what problems they got etc. Be aware of that when dealing with anybody.


Phuture: You’ve been around the block for years now. What keeps you moving forward?

KIN: Just getting better. You do something for 8 years you start the notice the growth. I’m addicted to that feeling now. I love learning new techniques. Getting new tools. Anything to keep the inspiration going

. ________________________________________________________

Phuture: If your music was a fruit salad what fruits would be in it?

KIN: Aight so you get an apple, cut it up. Put some raisins in there, some almonds. Put your dressing of choice on it. Keep that shit in the fridge for like a month. Take it out. Throw it away and realize….. We don’t eat salad round here. Thats my music.


Phuture: What kind of goals do you have for the next year?

KIN: I wanna play more shows, keep making more music. Chill with more friends. Drink more water. Eat good, live good, clear skin, quit smoking, finish the rest Power, read more, make more music. Maybe a release on 20/20? That would be tight.


Phuture: We like to end things off by giving you a chance to shoutout 5 artists who will change the game in 2019 – so shoot!

KIN: Gangus got some slappers for people coming. He working on em still but lemme just say, his new music is crazy. Eyukaliptus is going to be really running the boombap  and singing shit in 2019. Hapa has been showing everybody up lately. I feel like Brothel is going to evolve in 2019. He’s always got some crazy plans for the future. And hopefully Isaiah Rashad releases his new album. I would be stoked on that.


Phuture: Anything else you want to say before we part ways for now?

KIN: Really hope everyone digs the song. Drink more water, watch power, don’t be racist or we will squabble, stay healthy, don’t watch birdbox because it’s an off brand A quiet place that thinks its deeper than it really is, brush your teeth, make your bed, do 5 jumping jacks when you wake up.


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