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Phuture: My oh my Mr. JKuch, it feels simultaneously like it was yesterday and 5 years ago when we last got to pick your brain. SO excited to yet again be starting an issue off with you!

Let’s jump right into things by you telling us what the last song you listened to was!

JKuch: The last song I listened to was Amateur by Current Joys. I’ve had that on repeat since it came out and it is so good.


Phuture: How has the last year been for you? Last we touched base you were staying with family and were keeping quite busy with music! Give us the scoop in regards to your creative / spiritual / motivational headspace these days and since we spoke.


JKuch: Well the rest of 2020 was wild for sure. I found myself pretty down for a good chunk of the year with everything that was going on. I managed to work as hard as I could toward music to try and distract myself. Although 2020 was shit, it did help me open my eyes to what direction I should be taking my music and how I should evolve.


Phuture: Can we talk about ‘Endure’ for a moment? Take us through the production / creation of this track. What were you feeling at the time and what do you hope the listener takes away from this piece?

JKuch: During the end of 2020 I was feeling like I was going crazy in a sense. I was feeling very hopeless and unsure about myself and the future of my music. It was pretty scary so while working on this track I couldn’t think of any lyrics other than “The feeling I have is not going away” which was something I was constantly hearing in my mind. On the other hand, creating the instrumental portion of the track was a lot of fun and I felt super inspired throughout that whole process. It contradicted the feeling I had when writing the lyrics. At the time of completing the track I was in a better mental state. Now the lyrics follow as a timestamp for when I was enduring a constant negative feeling in 2020. I hope listeners can relate to the track and see it as I’ve done for myself. A recovery story.


Phuture: What are 3 things that most people might not know about you?

I used to want to be a professional skateboarder

I’ve been singing on most of my tracks since 2018

I rarely listen to electronic music


Phuture: Let’s say that money is no object and you have 30 days completely free to spend in one location of the world. Where would that be and why?


JKuch: I’d love to visit Venice, Italy. It’s such a wild looking city with its canals and history. I would travel on a boat everywhere there if I could.


Phuture: What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

JKuch: william. – Three Quarter Pants. I’ve played that song live so many times.


Phuture: Ask us a question!

JKuch: Do you have any phuture collective events planned for the future?

Phuture: Yes!! First one is slated for mid June in our hometown of Portland, OR – But we’re aggressively planning to do some crazy stuff this fall 😉


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to rapidly emerge in 2021!

JKuch: Moore Kismet, capshun, grape milk, Tsu Nami, Kilamanzego


Phuture: Anything else you wish to mention before we part ways until next time?

JKuch: Thanks for having me on this compilation. I hope the rest of 2021 gets better for everyone. Anyone that’s making music that is feeling very unsure with their work please keep working on it. I have felt that way before and you will always get through it you just can’t give up.

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