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Phuture: drak!!! It’s been such a wonderful ride with you these last few years. It’s no surprise that a Phuture Collective release was in your calling as we both continue to pave our path upwards to the clouds :).

Let’s jump right into things by you telling us what the last song you listened to was!

drak: im listening to spiral by 21 savage rn this shit is hard!!! some of his best work yet imo.


Phuture: Give the reader a brief overview of where ya live / how long you been on the music grind / what else you do outside of music 🙂

drak: so i live in brooklyn and i’ve been producing in fl since i was 16! im 24 now. currently working as a mover which is v physically demanding but def one of the more exciting/rewarding jobs i’ve had. some things i like to do include playing ping pong and poker and watching the mets 🙂


Phuture: Can we talk about ‘Strange World’ for a moment? Take us through the production / creation of this track. What were you feeling at the time and what do you hope the listener takes away from this piece?

drak: sure! i started strange world in august 2020. i was living in upstate ny at the time and would be moving to brooklyn in just a few weeks. strange world was in many ways a culmination of everything i’d been feeling at the time- the monotony of the pandemic, the excitement of moving, the loneliness i’d been feeling throughout the year… but the ending, to me, is a hopeful one. hope tinged with sadness, perhaps. i hope the listener feels this hope, and reflects on how the past year has been for them. 

on the production side of things, i really wanted to create an interesting/unique groove. the drums are waaaay off the grid and everything has this kinda stop/start feel to it. as the song progresses and more elements are added, the groove becomes smoother and more familiar. im particularly proud of the chords in the second drop and the piano solo outro, all of which were drawn in!

Phuture: Water or Fire? Sparkling water or non sparkling water? Beef, Fish, or Tofu?


  1. water for sure, gotta stay hydrated
  2. i would never choose seltzer over non sparkling water unless i was making a cheeky mixed drink teehee
  3. god i love all of them but i would have to go with beef. i easily consume 5+ pounds of beef/fish every week 


Phuture: Let’s say that money is no object and you have 30 days completely free to spend in one location of the world. Where would that be and why?

drak: after much thought, i think it would be a fully windowed decked out studio at the bottom of the ocean. a place where i can see sea animals swim by and make music all day. i feel like it would be such a unique escape and the idea of having a full month off to work on whatever music i want totally secluded sounds fucking amazing. gotta throw some wifi and food in there too tho.


Phuture: What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

drak: oooh good question. honestly it’s probably a tie between underscores- throwing tantrums while the car’s parked and summet x olswel- moment


Phuture: Ask us a question!

drak: i’d be curious to know what a few of your favorite non-electronic music artists are! always looking for new music.

Phuture: I love this one! I would say most of them come from my older indie rock roots so animal collective, fleet foxes, the strokes, crystal castles then of course some older ones like john coltrane and louis armstrong 🙂

Phuture: What does the next year look like for ya? Any album / shows / streams / travel plans being put together?

drak: i want to release an album either towards the end of this year or early next year! i have some tracks that could work together as part of a full length project, i just haven’t really figured out exactly how i wanna do it yet. no shows atm, but im also hoping to play some later on when everything is fully open! honestly i haven’t had much time to work on music the past few months which makes me very sad, but im trying my best to carve more time out for production heading into the summer.


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to rapidly emerge in 2021!

drak: cm., qwaston, O-Prime Delta,  supasoaka, and anyone who has a release on dumb collective lmao.


Phuture: Anything else you wish to mention before we part ways until next time?

drak: i still remember the first time phuture reposted a track of mine. it was almost 5 years ago and i freaked the hell out. no one “big” had ever reposted one of my songs before, and it honestly made my whole week. im super grateful to michael for believing in me over the years and am so excited to finally have a track on a phuture comp!! hope u all enjoy it 🙂


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