meet : zukatii™

What are you doing at this very moment [besides this interview]?

Eating chips and watching Malcolm In The Middle.

What part of the world are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I am from Denver, Colorado and the music scene here is killer. You can walk around the city of Denver and hear all kinds of music performed by tons of people playing a variety of genres.

Favorite food and drink?

I love Spaghetti and Nesquik is life.

What DAW do you use? Favorite plugins?

I use Ableton Live and my favorite plugins are Spire and Massive.

Why do you produce and what keeps you going?

I produce music because I’ve always had a passion for it. The inter web keeps me inspired and makes me want to do more.

Where would you go if you were given an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world?

Hawaii for sure.

Thoughts on the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is like an ice cream cone. Some people like it, and some people just lick the sides.

What’s helping the music industry and what is hurting it?

What’s helping the music industry is the creation of new sounds and styles that people are finding out about. The bad thing is, a lot of peeps try to copy each other’s style and don’t branch out. It sucks but so does brushing your teeth and drinking orange juice.

Who are some up and coming producers that we should check out?

Yasko, L*o*J, quesmrk, and sktchy ppl (shaka shoutout).

What four songs have been the most influential to where you’ve gotten today?

Madvillian – Raid; Mr. Carmack – Extra; Mr. Carmack – Attempt 4; PYRMDPLAZA – Glassss (Gravez Remix)

What is in store for us to look forward to? An album perhaps?

I have a ton of collaborations with some folks and some original music is coming too. I don’t really like making albums 🙁

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