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This man is not from here (although some say he’s from another planet thus making him an alien). You can call him alex – alex martian. He’s been a part of our community for quite some time so let’s get right to this interstellar interview.

Pictured below: alex martian

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: Welcome aboard Phuture alex martian!!! When we met several months ago, or maybe a year ago, we fell in love with your artwork. When we heard your music we were taken away and our entire community loves your style – so it’s only fitting that you finally release with us! To get things started, tell the world what you had for breakfast!

alex: Thanks man. Well I usually have the same thing every morning. Just a nice simple bowl of cereal. Preferably apple jacks or honey bunches of oats. I’ll have the motivation to make myself something better like an egg……eventually…..

Phuture: Tell the world a bit about yourself for those unaware! (How long have you been producing, where are you based out of, and why do you make music?)

alex: I’m alex and I’m from mars lmao. I’ve been producing for just over 3 years now. For the first two years I’ve just been experimenting with different genres, styles, and sounds until I was finally able to find my own style to develop more and more. I’m currently resided in florida but I am looking into moving to new york with a couple of friends near the end of this year. I’ve always had a thing for making art, whether it be drawing or playing instruments like the guitar or piano. It wasn’t until sophomore year of high-school that I realized that I could compose my own music from watching a friend of mine work on a track on ableton. I instantly got on garageband (which was all I had at the time) and began teaching myself how to produce day and night. The rest is history.

Phuture: Let’s talk about ‘no time’ for a moment! What inspirations went into this? Take us through it from start to finish :).

alex: I’ve always considered myself sort of an anxious person by nature. So why not channel that into art? When I started writing this song, I thought to myself the different things that usually make me very nervous or uneasy. Then I remembered how much I hated having to take tests in school under time limits. Personally, there’s nothing more stress inducing than being halfway done with a test only to realize you have like 10 minutes left to finish. I wanted to capture that negative headspace in this track and turn it into something rhythmic and cool for people to enjoy.
Phuture: If your music was a bird, what bird would it be ?

alex: Probably a hummingbird. Small in scope, but energetic. Seemingly frantic. Moving all over the place, but a with purpose.

Phuture: How long have you been doing visual work? What inspires you to keep it up?

alex: I’ve first delved into abstract art halfway into my senior year in highschool, so like about a year and a half ago. It was so liberating to just put out raw and visceral feelings to paper and not be restricted by the structure and familiarities of realism. It’s also pretty therapeutic just to draw small details n’ stuff. I was initially inspired by artists like Kerby Rosanes and Visothkakvei, whom both shared similarities in drawing small detailed and beautiful works of art. What mainly inspires me to keep up would be the fact that people actually enjoy my visual stuff. I make art not just for myself, but for other people to enjoy. Whenever I see people compliment my art, whether it be my music or drawings, It gives me the confidence that I know I’m doing something right and the boost in motivation to keep going.

Phuture: What are your goals for the next 6 months? What about the next two years?

alex: Hopefully I’ll be able to write and self release a short 4-track ep within the next couple of months, if not working on collabs with a bunch of other talented producers, many of which I met on discord. By two years I hope to have started performing anywhere and getting my music out there even more, maybe have more releases with other labels and have the chance to meet some of my favorite artists.

Phuture: What has your most inspiring experience been thus far on this musical journey?

alex: I’ve had many an inspiring experience ever since I’ve joined multiple music production servers on discord, especially Phuture’s server. I’ve had the chance to meet like-minded producers that I never thought I would meet. Being able to receive honest feedback has been a tremendous help in improving my style and work ethic. I used to struggle to finish tracks, but now I’ve developed more of a discipline to create, and finish, more quality tracks to my standards.

Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018!

alex: Oh boy….If I’m being totally honest here, I’d have to say Yushuf, Himmel, Archr, B-Dos, and Chromonicci. I heard stuff from all these guys and I have to say, I see a lot of potential in them and their music. These guys certainly have a style that I enjoy and I can’t wait to see how they progress!

Phuture: Lastly, before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

Alex: I just wanna say thank you to everyone who listens to my stuff. I humbly appreciate it. Expect some more releases from me coming within these next couple of months! Oh and also uhhhhhhhh………E.


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