throwing tantrums while the car’s parked w/ underscores


Prepare yourself for a vocal-based, bouncy electronic tune that will be stuck in your head the rest of the season & beyond. With that being said – we’re happy to present you the following: underscores‘ first release on Phuture Collective!

Pictured below: underscores

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: Welcome aboard Phuture Collective, underscores!! We’ve had our eyes and ears on you for quite some time now, especially since your PIL-Society release. We’re excited to talk about ‘throwing tantrums while the car’s parked’, but for now let’s talk about what you had for breakfast :).

underscores: finished off the cheerios. we don’t have a lot of breakfast food. definitely not gonna beat capshun’s breakfast tho lol.


Phuture: Your track for our issue perfectly fits our theme of ‘pavement’. We feel it’s due to the aspect of a car being parked, on most likely none other than pavement itself which is a nice added touch :). Can you explain what inspired this track?

underscores: yeah! at the time i made it, i was listening to a lot of summet. dude’s got a way of making things bounce fr. chromonicci as well. i also rly wanted to make a song with a bunch of random maj7 chords—usually that’s what i do when i’m messing around on piano and i’ve never rly found a way to fit it into my production stuff. also that guitar/sax/vibes solo was totallyyyy flylo inspired lol.


Phuture: Tell the world a bit about yourself for those unaware! 

underscores: yea, i’m underscores, i’m ONE PERSON based out of san francisco at the moment but i’m gonna move to nyc soon (!!!). i’ve been producing for about 6-7yrs now. as for why i make music, i’m not rly sure—i’ve always felt the need to do something musical.


Phuture: If your music was any fruit, what fruit would it be?

underscores: damn um. a kiwi. my music’s pretty sweet and cute but sometimes i use a lot of grittier sounds and frequencies—kiwis are sweet but they have seeds that give it a little crunch. my high school english classes have PREPARED me for this question.


Phuture: Tell us about six impala!

underscores: for sure! six impala is a label that five other producers and i formed last year. at the time, we were all getting rejected from a lot of labels because our stuff may not have been accessible enough for them—we wanted to make a platform for us to release whatever we wanted collectively.

The last song we released, SPIT (my collab w/ knapsack) has this stupid skit in the middle of it that i don’t think any label would rly be happy about. before that, we put out a rap song with unorthodox production from KaTT, and before that we released this crazy dubstep song from OMNI. our sound varies a lot because all six of us take advantage of the platform.


Phuture: What are your goals for the next 6 months? What about the next two years?

underscores: i really wanna release a full-length album at some point. like 40min+. i’ve always loved making projects that tell some kind of story, and i think inevitably in the next two years i’m going to want to tell a longer one. i also hope to play a couple shows, that would be wild.


Phuture: Do you feel modern day politics play any role in music? If so, how?

underscores: that’s tricky. i remember after trump was elected, a lot of people i know were saying “well, hey, at least the music will be great.” i think modern day politics, considering how polarizing things have been over the past two years, kinda breed rage. i think modern day politics can play a big emotional role in music in that people choose to let this rage out through music.


Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018!

underscores: i always refer to VALENTINE, chuck sutton, and chromonicci as the trifecta of producers on a completely different level. VALENTINE’s got something BIG coming out. been religiously listening to osno1 for a while as well, i think she’s making an album?


Phuture: Lastly, before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

underscores: i’ve got an ep coming out soon!!! i’m definitely going to release the single in june—that song is probably the work i’m the most proud of. still trying to figure out whether the ep will come out in june or july, but keep an eye out. I’m rly rly excited to put it out. and thank you for releasing this song! you guys has been killing it—been putting out a bunch of stuff from artists i rly respect and artists that inspire me. if anyone reading hasn’t heard any of the other stuff from this issue, pls pls go listen to it.


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