Petaling through TIME with Noer the Boy & Indigo Beck


When artists off Courteous Family [Noer the Boy] & Rauthentic [Indigo Beck] combine forces to collaborate on a piece – what happens exactly? Not only can we tell you the results via sound – but we also have an exclusive interview to accompany your senses.
Hailing from Seattle & Wisconsin these two artists now live in Portland together. As of the publication of this interview – they share a house (known as TITHOUSE/Murkwood) with our founder, Michael.

We had the chance to interview both artists which we hope you enjoy as you listen to their track below.

Interview curated by Michael, founder of phuture collective.

Begin Interview:


phuture: Hey Indigo Beck & Noer the Boy! It’s a pleasure to have you on board with phuture collective for issue six | TIME. Give us a little rundown of who you are, how long you’ve been producing & what you had for breakfast.

Indigo Beck: Aye, my legal name is Zane but that seems to be what people call me the least… I’ve been messing around with music for somewhere around a decade now and producing on electronics for around three years. My favorite genre lies somewhere in between big band jazz and loud analog synth music. I had some homemade waffles and bacon covered in overly expensive maple syrup.

Noer the Boy: Hi! My name’s Noah, and I make music under the name Noer the Boy. I’ve been making music in one form or another for around a decade, but have been pursuing it seriously the last four years. I had some cold sausage and cheddar pizza for breakfast: judge me all you want but it was delicious.


phuture: How did the two of you meet? Tell us of a crazy or exciting ‘time’ you’ve experienced together.

Indigo Beck: I hit Noah up on facebook what feels like ages ago now and then met for the first time in Eugene playing at a pizzeria. Hmm, I’d say its a tie between intense NBA Hangtime battles on the N64 and watching Noah eat like 8 slices of cheddar & bacon pizza in like 20 minutes.

Noer the Boy: We met on the internet, as I feel a lot of people our age do and met in person at a show we played together in March. Then boom, now we’re roommates. A couple days after I moved to Portland, Zane showed me the butte that’s right by our house. Hiking up to where I could see Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens overlooking the bowl that Portland sits in- now that was a really cool time. I come from Wisconsin where there are none such mountains, so getting to see the area I now call home was an exhilarating moment.


phuture: Individually, if your sound was a sustenance what would that be? What type of sustenance would your sounds be together as one?

Indigo Beck: Probably gloop. Actually yeah most definitely gloop. I don’t know what gloop is but it sounds like something my music would be defined as on Urban Dictionary. Together our sound is like sweet and sour chicken. I’m bad at this kinda stuff.

Noer the Boy: Probably something like a habanero – something you can distinctly tell is in a dish or simply in your mouth. My music (like spicy chili peppers!) might startle you the first time and take some getting used to…but once you’re down with the spice you’ll be craving more. Together? We’re a well-cooked dish. Collaborating is great because it allows you to combine your strengths with another person’s strengths, and get something you wouldn’t get by yourself.


phuture: Tell us what we can expect from each of you the rest of this year and the first half of 2017. Any albums or tours?

Indigo Beck: IDK to be honest. Just kind of working on music and taking it where it takes me. I’m looking forward to turning the ripe age of 21 so I can start playing more shows around Portland. So there’s that I guess.

Noer the Boy: Later this month I’ll be hitting the road with DJ Shadow, supporting him on the North American leg of his tour across the US and Canada. I’m really excited and thankful for the opportunity to share my sound all over and to open for a legend. Other than that, I have a few releases here and there rolling out this fall and am starting work on my next full release.


phuture: Loud or Quiet? Headphones or Monitors? Purple or Orange? Forest or Beach?

Indigo Beck: Very loud, probably like too loud if we’re talking about the state of my eardrums. Headphones all the way ~ Poiple (note to editor, leave that unedited). I’d have to say both, because those exist in Washington 🙂 (Shout-out forks/anywhere else on the peninsula and your weird forest beaches).

Noer the Boy: Loud and quiet! I get really bored of music that stays on one level. Telling a story means you value the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution as all being integral parts. I try to mirror that in my music. If I had to choose between headphones or monitors, I would have to go with headphones simply because with them I can work anywhere I have my laptop. But both listening environments are super important to mix downs. And I have to go with purple, hands down! It’s my favorite color. Also, you can’t beat a nice beach, so I’m going to go with that.


phuture: Courteous!!! What goes on in that family is innovative, refreshing, and seemingly always unexpected. How long have you been with them? How has your relationship with Courteous helped get you where you are today?

Noer the Boy: Courteous is one of my musical families and I’m stoked to be a part of what they have going! I’ve been with them for around six months now. But I’ve released music with them here and there over the last two years. Courteous Family was one of the first places to give me a boost. I remember Dr. Derg (RIP my homie!) discovering me in the fall of 2014 and sharing my music with the crew. I ended up doing a mix for their Monday Sessions series not too long after, and have been in contact with them ever since. Courteous has always supported my sound and are the super homies. Their roster is completely stacked and I see us taking over real soon.


phuture: Rauthentic has been slaying it since day one! We’re personally so hyped for Style Vol.4… whenever that may be. How has being a part of Rauthentic, helped you as a producer? How have they helped you outside of music?

Indigo Beck: Rau is tight, I’ve been following them for a minute and Ken (one of the owners) has been very helpful in getting my releases out there and just being a good friend.


phuture: Can we expect any more collaborative efforts between you two?!

Indigo Beck: Yeah sure, why not.

Noer the Boy: Most definitely.


phuture: Mind sharing 3-5 artists with us who are changing the game and/or need more recognition?

Indigo Beck: Zero Tep – Eprom – Tsuruda – Huxley Anne – Tennyson.

Noer the Boy: Zero Tep, Tsuruda, Eprom, Huxley Anne, Mr. Oizo…this list could go on and on.


phuture: Tell us a secret

Indigo Beck: I pretty much run and oversee synchronistic (the owner of phuture collectives)’s tinder account.

Noer the Boy: A quick way to my heart is making me some tuna fish pasta salad.



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