phuture collective issue three – out 9/11

For issue three our theme was murk, teal & pineapple. We received more submissions than before, and had to make tougher choices than ever!

Here are the artist’s that will be appearing on this month’s issue, out 9/11.

❆uBlink❆ – Future Island.
AKUA++ – Enjoy
jamie blake – Pacific
Milano – Dices
Nomia – There’s More To Sense Than We Have Senses
Nova Drops -Shasta
Pail – Rainy Day
Ptravis – Aikido
Skerp – Marble Floors
Slackview – permanent damage
St. Clement – Freedom
SuDs – Transfiguration
trillwax – set it off
Weaver Beats – Silence
woods – Cold Heart
ZONAW – Summit

Stay tuned & keep your eyes locked on the phuture.


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