Red w/ Rohaan, roxas & KLAHRK


Red – featuring Røhaan, roxas & KLAHRK is an right-minded experience. To gain entry you must open your ears and brace yourselves. Expect nothing.

We had a chance to interview these talented artists which you can read below! This interview was curated by SK^ GU^ from the Phuture Collective team.


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Phuture: What a way to end 2017 with Rohaan x Roxas’ “Mimikats” to Roxas & Klahrk’s “init_01 ep”! You guys are very much carving way to a very experimental dark journey with each new release. What can you tell us about “Red”?

Rohaan: Yea Klahrk and i started the idea a while ago, when we got the first edit back from Roxas i knew we had made a fresh lettuce!

KLAHRK: It was throughout the summer, Rohaan and I hit up Roxas and this one just stuck, he transformed it and it just went nutty – Rox is king

roxas: besides it was fun to create a song with klahrk and rohaan, it was interesting to capture my nightmares in a song


Phuture: What do you want the listener to take away, while listening to “Red”?

Rohaan: Just youtube search ‘Red Strobe’. Click the first video then stare at it while this track plays

KLAHRK: bass

roxas: a feeling

Phuture: What influenced you to create a track like “Red”?

Rohaan: Yea i agree with KLAHRK on this one! We both had a very similar process when it came to the writing process and influence! Dark bass heavy distortion

KLAHRK: I remember when me and Rohaan were making sounds over the summer we were both liking Eprom and G Jones’ latest stuff and we were trying create a bass heavy banger so like I said we hit up Roxas and he just made this insane piece and it just went from there

roxas: at that time my inspirational muse was alon mor, which helped me to create this song


Phuture: What kind of advice would you give to someone to develop their signature sound?

Rohaan: Make things you hate, make things you love. I personally think you shouldn’t even think about a ‘sound’. Just create as much music as possible and see what happens

KLAHRK: Keep experimenting

roxas: as said klahrk, pure experimentation


Phuture: Who are your biggest influences for the music you make today?

Rohaan: Sophie, Untitld,Thys,Tyler the Creator, William Crooks

Klahrk: Eprom, Tsuruda and Noisia, particularly Thys

Roxas: moody good, noisia, tsuruda and shadient

Phuture: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Rohaan: My homie Vellum, Droeloe as i love their progressions. Sophie & Mad Zach

KLAHRK: Roxas more and more, this amazing producer called Citytronix from the UK and Otang who is a ridiculously underrated producer and all round legend

roxas: with nobody in particular


Phuture:  What are genre of music (other than electronic) do you listen to?

Rohaan: Recently a lot of Hip Hop & also funky Pop music

KLAHRK: Post punk and grunge

roxas: of all kinds, i am very open minded when it comes to music, but more than anything jazz

Phuture:  Writer’s block happens to nearly everyone that has ever created art, what are your methods to overcome it?

Rohaan: Well I’ve been going through that real bad recently, so take a break from everything. Grab a lettuce and message Roxas

KLAHRK: Message Roxas

roxas: take a break, open your mind to new horizons, listen to another type of music and other artists, experience doing another type of music, relax


Phuture:  What are you guys looking forward to this year? Any new goals or new year resolutions?

Rohaan: Well I’ve just signed a Management contract with an amazing American based team! So I’m stoked to get my brand out further into the world and get out to the states!

KLAHRK: I’ve started a collective with my friend Waller, we’re running events in London with all our fave UK producers, so I am looking forward to growing that and releasing more and more music

roxas: the truth?, i don’t know


Phuture:  Name 3 artists the reader NEEDS to check out now!

Rohaan: DNFKT, Vellum, Knyvez, Roxas, Klahrk

KLAHRK: Kattie, Citytronix, Klink – HONESTLY DO IT (can I also mention Rohaan n Roxas?)

roxas: kattie, shiwari, uli, sabroi


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