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A few months ago we heard some cool beats by this new guy on our discord who went by jack cates. It was cool, until he started releasing more and we heard it on our monitors + sub – whoah, we thought to ourselves – we need to work with this guy!

Flash forward and he’s already released with our partner page PIL-Society, has a Future Vibes release lined up & other crazy label releases in the works. It’s only right for him to jump on our main page with his track ‘riverside‘ which you can hear above :). But let’s get to this refreshing interview!

Pictured below: jack cates

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: Welcome aboard Phuture Collective, Jack Cates!! What did you have for breakfast today?

Jack Cates: hello hello! usually i don’t eat breakfast but i did eat brunch today. it was a waffle sandwich with eggs and bacon. and some really good strawberry jam

Phuture: We have had our eyes on you for several months now. Most lo-fi  music sounds quite the same but you seem to separate yourself from the pact. How do you feel songs like rickity or riverside are different than the mainstay?

Jack Cates: why thank you! honestly, most songs i make are structurally the same as most other lo-fi songs in terms of the drum grooves/tempo and such. i think i just tend to layer things a bit differently, mostly with atmospheric tracks and subtle percussion lines. i love really “full sounding” layered stuff so everything’s pretty dense.

Phuture: Tell the world a bit about yourself for those unaware!

Jack Cates: i’m 19, about to turn 20 in a matter of days, and I live in Chicago, pretty much right on the furthest western border. i’ve been using ableton for almost 6 years but I started taking production seriously about a year and a half ago. i make music because i love to make creative stuff on my computer, probably as an extension of the simulation/sandbox games i used to love as a kid.

Phuture: If your music was any fruit what fruit would it be?

Jack Cates: oh man, i really like cherries. refreshing and honestly just a pretty looking fruit.

Phuture: How do you find inspiration ?

Jack Cates: well each individual song is heavily inspired by what i’m listening to at the time! so riverside was inspired by alot of TeamSESH producers as well as shlohmo/psymun type stuff. but generally i feel like i work best after i go for a walk or get exercise/fresh air in any form

Phuture: What are your goals for the next 6 months? What about the next two years?

Jack Cates : in the next 6 months i’ve got a couple collective releases lined up that i’m real excited for! in two years i’d like to be working with some of my favorite artists and have some long form releases like EPs out. hopefully i’ll have made an impact in the community in some way

Phuture : How does your environment play a role with the music you produce?

Jack Cates: well i live in a pretty residential area of Chicago but i’m frequently commuting downtown, always on the move and such. i wish i spent more time in forest preserves and parks though. in summary i guess it doesn’t play a giant role yet but going forward i really want to bring more real-world elements into my music.


Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018?

Jack Cates: shout out Fla.mingo, Jett Lag, joe nora, Madson Project, and of course capshun!

Phuture: Lastly, before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

Jack Cates: thanks mr. l and michael and the rest of phuture for all the support! forest park is best chicago suburb and get ready for alot of cool stuff this summer! lets secure this bag gamers


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