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Phuture:  Hmm – uhhhh haven’t we met before… What was your name… caps… capri sun.. uhhh OH THATS RIGHT – capshun :). What a wonderful pleasure we have to be able to pick your brain for yet another moment in this life we get to spend together. Tell the world what you ate for breakfast!!

capshun: haha yooooo. Thank you. Im happy to be back dropping another track with phuture. I still think about the first time I got my release with you. Im hype!!! This morning I had a breakfast bowl. Eggs, sausage, spinach, potatoes and a little hot sauce 😋. Oh and a coffee of course.


Phuture: Let’s take a walk through ‘Sage’. What inspired this track & what message do you hope the listener discovers?

capshun: So Sage. Honestly sage was me stepping even more out of my box. Trying to bend the styles and make something unique. Its honestly hard to say I was inspired. More driven because of everything that has been happening this year. This song pushed it’s way out of me. 


Phuture:  What’s your favorite color? (-Subartic)

capshun: haha my favorite color is 


Phuture: How do family and friends affect your music? How does your overall environment as well? For example do you find yourself making more/less x better/worse music when traveling or being in a new place?

capshun: They affect a lot when it comes to my music. Honestly – I think more-so my friends than my family. My family purely support my music and takes. While my friends really help when it comes to giving me solid feedback. Also sharing music with me and everything, that helps me stay motivated to create better music. The environment is probably the biggest thing that affects me. If I’m not in a comfortable place for me I honestly cannot create. 


Phuture: how he get his shlap so hard? (-AN TY)

capshun: Because I be slapping dawg idk DM ME 🤣


Phuture: Where do you see BONSAI in 5 years? Where do you see capshun? 

capshun: 5 years eh? Its’ a hard question because careers are not as straightforward as they seem. I would love to be making music with/for my favorite artists and playing main stages at festivals, headlining my own tours – the regular stuff. All under the banner of Bonsai Collective. Thats where my major focus is. Working with our roster and other artists we love to create our own shows and festivals and building up other dope artists and helping them reach their idea of success. 


Phuture: If you could become any animal for a year what would that animal be and why?

capshun: I feel like it would be a wolf so I can really learn where I fit best in the pack. So I can always shine my best. I think it’s important to always be the best version of yourself and play your role best as you can. No matter what that role is.


Phuture: Who’s someone you wish you could bring back to life for a week? What would you do with them?

capshun: The dead deserve to sleep. No reason to shake a sleeping corpse.🤷🏾‍♂️


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over 2020!

capshun: Those 5 gotta be Colson XL, LYNY, JKUCH, Kabes, and Cozy Kev…. As if they aren’t killing it already. Smh


Phuture: Anything else you want to add before we part ways for a brief moment?

capshun: Black Lives Fucking Matter. Wear a mask (fuck covid), take a shot for me, wubalubadubdub….

I think that about sums it up. Much love yall ❤


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