Shöckface & Hubstcy – Adrenaline (with ero808)


Pictured on the left/top is Shöckface & ero808 & on the right / bottom is Hubstcy

Interview curated by our founder Michael.


Phuture: We’re gonna start off by introducing shockface!!! This character has been supporting us & involved within the Phuture ecosystem for years so it was only a matter of time until he made his Phuture debut. Shockface – looks like you brought some friends :)? We’ll start off a brief introduction by letting the world know that ‘Adrenaline’ is a collaboration between Shockface, Hubstcy & ero808.

Let’s dive right in. What did y’all have for lunch today?

Shöckface: cauliflower veggie Pattie’s with chic fil a sauce

Hubstcy: Cafe Rio

ero808: veggies.


Phuture: What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

Shöckface: I went to a Golden Knights game and was inches away from getting hit in the face with a puck because I wasn’t paying attention during the pre skate. 

Hubstcy: played VR horror and tried running with the headset on

ero808: I made Shockface do 100 pushups over facetime.


Phuture: Let’s talk about ‘Adrenaline’. What was the idea behind this track? Describe the creative process you two shared while working together!

Shöckface: there’s something special about creating music with my Pisces and Sagittarius homies that gives me inspiration. I was in a really broken headspace during that time and wanted to create something dark. 

Hubstcy: Just messing around making some sounds, threw some drums in, sent them to Shockface and ero and they added the real sauce, came out looking real crispy.

ero808: those muhfuckas^ sent me the track when it was almost finished. All I did was make some weird noises with my mouth.


Phuture: What are 3 things that most people might not know about you?

Shöckface: I’m a premature only child, favorite movie is sky high, I don’t know how to ride a bike. 

Hubstcy: avid camper, i don’t perform live shows, favorite movie is Whiplash

ero808: I speak 3 languages, I eat many vegetables, and BDSM is awesome.


Phuture: How would you explain music to someone who is deaf?

Shöckface: I would put them in a room with subwoofers and pillows and hold their hand. 

Hubstcy: not sure, maybe I would find a way to use colors and patterns together to explain it somehow.

ero808: Instead of trying to explain it, I’d show them what a subwoofer feels like.


Phuture: What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

Shöckface: capshun – sage

Hubstcy: RVKIT – Rover

ero808: capshun x M?STIC – bandits


Phuture: Ask us a question!

Shöckface: XXX

Hubstcy: Peaky Blinders or Ozark. One has to go.

ero808: favorite sex position?


Phuture: XXX

Phuture: Gon’ have to go with ozark cuz i enjoy brittish accents and i always hear people say ‘PEEEKAY BLINDUHHHS’. Never seen either tho :(. Personally haven’t even seen a tv show besides seinfeld or nathan for you in like 4 years lol (more of a youtube type of person as having a short attention span is reallll)

Phuture: the infinity w/ an open loop


Phuture: What does the next year look like for ya? Any album / shows / streams / travel plans being put together?

Shöckface: Figuring it out as I go. I’ll be attending Miami Music Week at the end of this month. 

Hubstcy: It’s going to be fun. A lot in the works, can’t say much now though.

ero808: ^i’m just gonna follow them around and see what happens.

Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to rapidly emerge in 2022!

Shöckface: Curra, Rausch, Vide, Colson XL, Mark veins

Hubstcy: Shockface, ero808, Cahaba Ruins, Milye, Xander.

ero808: A-BO, HERISSE, Buzz Junior, Frost, Smalltalk, Jistix, Mixed Signals


Phuture: Anything else you wish to mention before we part ways until next time?

Shöckface: Make sure you take care of your mental health & be consistently checking on your loved ones 💗

Hubstcy: That’s all for now. Super grateful to be here and grateful to be on a track with these two legends. This one’s an absolute bop no doubt.

ero808: Shoutout to my mom!



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