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My oh my do we have a track and interview for you! Let’s get right to it :).


Pictured above is RVKIT.

Pictured below is episcool.


Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: It’s SO great to finally welcome episcool aboard the Phuture main page after releasing with us on Presently Lifted & being a part of multiple shows we threw the last year in Portland.

Alongside episcool, we have RVKIT with his 7th release aboard Phuture Collective :).

Let’s start things off with what each of you had for breakfast!

RVKIT: toasted poppyseed bagel (shout out Udo’s Bagels)

episcool: I honestly never eat breakfast :/


Phuture: How did you enjoy working together? Both of you are on different DAWs so that must have taken some compromising eh? What were the pros and cons of this collaboration?

RVKIT: It worked out great. Episcool started out with a really sick flow that was easy to build on. Being on different DAWs has never really gotten in the way because my favorite way to collaborate is through stems, which is another reason I think we worked so well together. Episcool is on the come up bigtime and I look forward to making more music with her.

episcool: I love working with J! Our styles mesh really well together. Right after we made this track we both were like yeah we should probably make an EP haha. His production has always blown my mind and I was able to learn a lot while working with him which is definitely a huge ‘pro’ for me. I can’t really think of any cons other than having different daws which is always a bit challenging. I usually prefer stems anyway so it worked out pretty easily for us. I sent him the stems of the original idea and he sent me back madness we have now 🙂


Phuture: This year has been crazy for our underground so far! What are a couple songs that came out this year that you still replay often?

woosta – Plastic Bottle
L*o*J – Middle
Taylor Moon – Airglow
Fluxxy – willows
Fidus Achates – Who Are You

episcool: ‘tokey – high breed’

I play this at almost every show and i still get hyped when i hear it haha. Peekaboo actually played it out at a show last week which is crazy to me because the dude has like 1000 followers but underground music is reaching to literally everyone.

Also ‘thook – Brainstorm’ this song still blows my mind everytime.


Phuture: Sushi for lunch or thai for lunch?


episcool: Both 😉


Phuture: What have been some notable achievements so far in 2018? What do you want to accomplish in 2019?

RVKIT: I think my biggest achievement was finally getting access to distribution, so you will be seeing more of me in places other then soundcloud =] I’d really like to start playing more shows and getting past my stage fright. I also REALLY want to find a place I can produce nice and loud in the late hours without disturbing anyone. I think that is one of my biggest life goals tbh.

episcool: One of my goals this year was to play at some music festivals which I was able to accomplish and another one was to reach 3,000 followers on soundcloud which just happened a few days ago actually! In 2019 I hope to play bigger festivals/venues such as Shambhala Music Festival, WTFestival (if it comes back), Space Yacht, and other clubs in LA.


Phuture: Where do you see music in 40 years?

RVKIT: It’s changing so rapidly that I really can’t even imagine.

episcool: With technology is taking over so quickly I feel like eventually all music is going to be electronic in some way and that live music will be less common.


Phuture: If the world was flat, how come we don’t fall off?

RVKIT: because the edge is blocked off by antarctica which is a restricted area

episcool: If someone falls off and no one sees it, did they really fall off?


Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018 / 2019!

RVKIT: episcool, CLIN, Polo Boys, Tapecut, L*o*J

episcool: L*o*J, jon casey, yojas, Towers, bd hbt,


Phuture:  Anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now :)?

RVKIT: gravity only exists because time moves slower closer to more mass

episcool: I am finishing up a free 3-track EP to be released within the next month to celebrate 3k on souncloud so look out for that 😉


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