St. Clement is YummY


This is the evolution of trap, future and fantasy, and St. Clement is leading the congregation. Previously known as YummY, he contributes a taste of Freedom that could be heady if you breathe deeply. Don’t forget to grab a link to the track at the end of the interview.

Phuture: Firstly, besides this interview, what are you doing at this very moment?

St. Clement: At this very moment I am chilling, getting ready for my brother’s 21st birthday tomorrow! We are gonna rage

Phuture: What song has been following you around lately?

St. Clement: lately, Time Of The Season by The Zombies has been stuck in my head because I just started working at a surf shop and it gets played multiple times a day. But when I’m playing my own music, Egomind by Choys has been on repeat.

Phuture: You are given the object of your desire (money, fame, glory, happiness). The catch is that once you accept it, you can never get rid of it and you will never again desire anything else. So basically, you will be content for the rest of your life, having obtained the one (and now only) thing you wanted. Do you accept the offer and live in contentment with your greatest desire or do you reject it and continue to strive in uncertainty but with other possibility?

St. Clement: I would accept eternal happiness no doubt. 10/10

Phuture: Tell me a secret

St. Clement: I love you :3

Phuture: What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

St. Clement: Gonna start posting collab tracks with my twin on a new profile called Gallivant. Gonna be pretty dope, go click follow.

Phuture: Your friend loses their job and becomes depressed. In their desperation to gather income and their woes about failing, they decide to give up on their dreams of being a music producer. Do you support them in their decision or do you challenge them to keep trying?

St. Clement: Music can cure depression so I’d tell him to keep at it if it makes him happy!

Phuture: What’s the best thing since sliced bread?

St. Clement: The internet of course!

A link as promised: St. Clement – Freedom

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