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Phuture: Wow – is it finally happening? After 4 years of going back and forth we’ve finally got a release together? How it took so long i’ll never know but we’re here in the present baby!!

Let’s get right into the thicccc of things: what did you have for dinner?

Sterfry: caught me at a good time, I had breakfast for dinner. Bacon, eggs, and cheddar bay biscuits.


Phuture: You can only take 3 songs with you to the afterlife. What songs are they?

Sterfry: That question is way too hard! I got some good picks though.. First off, I’m gonna say the song [][][][][][][][][][][[]][][][][][[][][][][]][][]][]][][[][[[][]][]][][]][]­[][]]][][[]][][][][].666% by yayay. Real old-school soundcloud gem. Mainly I’m picking it because it’s 1 continuous song that lasts an hour & a half. Eternity is a looooong time so I wanna make good use of it. Secondly, Heroes by Flylo because…. you should just listen to it. Third, probably something by Halogenix.


Phuture: Let’s take a walk through ‘Thunder’. What inspired this track & what message do you hope the listener discovers?

Sterfry: I was looking to make something super lowwwwww and swampy. I was talking to someone about cutoff frequencies and the other person was arguing that bass just can’t get lower than 38hz and sound good. So, of course, I set out to try and prove em’ wrong XD


Phuture: You just got summoned to partake in an experiment which could 

Sterfry: change the way we hear trap music. I’m talking of course about trap 2 electric bugaloo


Phuture: How would you describe music to a blind person?

Sterfry: It’s what colors sound like!


Phuture: What’s coming up from you in 2020?

Sterfry: loot of stuff on my plate. Putting out a collab with Josh Pan, got some collabs with Toadface in the pipeline, as well as something with Mad Zach (that may or may not ever see the light of day) I also recently finished a song called ‘Midas’ that I am so so passionate about, and it’s super experimental so I don’t know what people are going to think of it, but I can’t wait to get it out there.


Phuture: You just received a lamp and inside it is a genie ready to grant 3 wishes. What are those wishes?

Sterfry: This question has always been weird for me because you could wish away greed or death or racism but what is stopping you from changing the fundamental rules of physics? Where does it end? What if I wished away the entire universe? Would that just kill me instead?


Phuture: What does your name, ‘Sterfry’ , mean or represent?

Sterfry: My real name is Sterling, and my friends often called me that growing up. As i grew as an artist, I started realizing it was very fitting because my music is usually a mixture of a lot of interesting genres and ideas and I try to make each track unique and different.


Phuture: What is your most embarrassing / surprising story you got regarding the boy leet?

Sterfry: oh lordt i’m not allowed to talk about all that… ahahaha… But we did recently run into each other in Vegas, which was sick. He was on a 6 hour layover and I happened to be at the airport right next to the hotel. We hit the slot machines and both broke even, I think leet even made like $100 bucks that night… its crazy though, because he lives right down the road from me when we aren’t doing shows!


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over 2020!

Sterfry: JuLo!!!@!@!@!@! Check out his debut LP. Forreal though. Gareth Donkin. Lil Texas.


Phuture: Anything else you want to add before we part ways for a brief moment?

Sterfry: Thanks so so much for the opportunity to be a part of your label. We have watched each other grow for years and it’s a pleasure to finally have our creative passions intersect.


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