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Phuture: Entza!!! You’ve been with us before but we won’t be the ones to let the cat out of the bag. Starting from scratch let’s get to know you! What did you have for dinner?

Entza: Hahaa, much appreciated 😉

Greek yogurt and blueberries cause I’ve been eating meals in reverse order lately for some reason.


Phuture: If your music was categorized as a fruit, vegetable & protein – what would it be?

Entza:  Pineapple, spinach & seabass. Ya know, light with a little tang to it.


Phuture: Let’s take a walk through ‘K.O’. What inspired this track & what message do you hope the listener discovers?

Entza:  I was actually going through a bit of writer’s block when I did ko. It started as an experiment to see if I could get melodies to generate their own chords with granular stuff. Once I got a progression to come out, I did the track in like a day just because I was so excited to finally have something I liked again… Message? Uhhhh don’t let your dumb granular dreams be dreams n all that.


Phuture: So, as of writing, the lockdown is still in quite the full effect. How has this been affecting your mental health, your productivity, your social life, etc.?

Entza:  It’s kind of been up and down. I was having a great time for the first few weeks just writing a ton. Then I ran out of ideas and got super stressed about it for a little bit and recently I’ve been learning to do 3d animation so that’s been sick. Definitely missing actually hanging out with people in person…


Phuture: If you could do a single action to bring the world closer to peace & prosperity what would that be?

Entza:  Shut off social media for a few months


Phuture: What do we have to look forward to from you in 2020??! Lord (or at least all the phuture community) knows you spend more time producing than you do with anything else!

Entza:  Well obviously a lot more music, I’m posting a track a month at least for all of 2020. Depending on how quickly I can get the hang of animating I want to start doing little short films as well, we’ll see about that though.

At some point I’m gonna organize my sample damp folder and put some packs out too but it’s a little scary in there right now… 

Maybe production streams. Maybe.


Phuture: OK BOOMER 

Entza:  Don’t even get me started


Phuture: What does your name, ‘Entza’ , mean or represent?

Entza: It’s an old word meaning water from the earth. Beyond that you’ll have to wait and see.


Phuture: You just received a lamp and inside it is a genie ready to grant 3 wishes. What are those wishes?


Entza: Rewind the clocks on global warming by a couple hundred years

No more hungry people

Get rid of my anxiety please and thank you


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over 2020!








Phuture: Anything else you want to add before we part ways for a brief moment?

Entza: Check out my ep with Gallium, it’s aight.


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