Vibey Desert Spotlight: Deafadil

Next up on our Spotlight Series for Vibey Desert is Deafadil!

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Phuture: Wassup Deafadil! Super stoked to see you perform here at vibey desert. We are ready for those gritty sounds!! We love your single “Ondeez” with solace family, “I want it now” with nyt club and your wake_mecha EP, with your single released on our very own family label Presently Lifted! Great to be speaking with you fam!!

Let’s get started – what’s your favorite breakfast food?

Deafadil : I usually keep it simple, eggs over easy with green salsa and an avocado on the side is my go to. But to be honest I would call any sugary cereal my favorite.


Phuture: We love love love your mix and masters. How long have you been in the production game? Was mixing something you prioritized when you started out?

Deafadil : I started trying to produce in around 2013-2014 in highschool and from the very start I’ve considered engineering to be just as important as the writing/sound design. I wanted and still want my stuff to sound good next to the greats some day so It’s a big focus of mine.


Phuture: Do you ever feel the need to dance in your house to bass music since we’ve been out of the festival/show scene for so long?

Deafadil. Absolutely. To be honest I’m kind of a home-body so I’ve been doing terrible dance moves alone when I find bangers digging on soundcloud or spotify forever and I expect that to continue.


Phuture: What can we expect from your set at vibey?

Deafadil. : The most original music I’ve played in a set so far, some new visuals I’ve been working on, and a lot of experimental/weird music. Vibey and the Mojave desert are kind of my comfort zones since I haven’t played out a ton, and I feel okay with this crowd getting shown some more off the wall music.


Phuture: What did you miss most about the festival scene?

Deafadil. : I recently went to Untz which was kind of the first one back in our scene, and what I missed most and was grateful to experience was seeing people who are so enthusiastic about the same niche music as me just absolutely losing it, as well as just meeting eyes and smiling with so many happy people.


Phuture: Any singles, projects, or other shows coming up for you this Summer?

Deafadil. : Going to be releasing a tune this month to celebrate 2k on Soundcloud (woohoo!), finishing up some collabs with homies, and releasing on a cool label in august.


Phuture: if you could have all the time in the world to practice another hobby outside of music, what would it be and why?

Deafadil. : It would be CGI/3D. It’s what I spend a huge chunk of my time outside of music working on and it’s so technically deep that I almost wish I had a life to explore each discipline.


Phuture: If you had to choose between DJing for the rest of your life or producing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Deafadil. : Producing for sure. It’s such a powerful means for me to express myself and I think there are just so many types of music to make and so many sounds to explore that I never could really be over it.

Phuture: Is there anyone at the festival that you haven’t seen in years or haven’t met in person yet that you are excited to meet?

Deafadil. : I haven’t met Michael in person and he’s been a huge resource and help for me to get my project on the ground, and I also haven’t met Sømething, and they’ve been kind to me since very early in the Deafadil project. Stoked for both!


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we see you on the festival grounds??!

Deafadil. : Tons of work and love goes into making this festival something special. (I work on the Vibey team creating graphic design for the fliers, posts, etc.) and I think it’s something every underground bass fan should experience at least once!



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