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Interview curated by our founder Michael.


Phuture: Mistuh mistuh flawed mangoes – what a pleasure it is to have a chance to get to know you! We’ve been hearing your tunes for years and love your step in the direction of experimental bass music. We’re eager to get things started so let’s go!

Tell the world what you had for lunch today :).

flawed mangoes:  Helloooo thanks for having me!  I just finished eating a bowl of rice with some salmon and salad.


Phuture: $400,000 – tell us about a few things: the title, the inspiration behind it, and the message (if any!).

flawed mangoes: The title for this one came from a line from a rap acapella that I originally had over this beat, but it ended up getting taken out in the final version.  This track was born because every now and then i get itching to just make a noisey ass beat, just playing around with some new sounds and synths and stuff yknowww.  The message to the listener is ‘ay how are u doing today here’s some sound’

Phuture: Some people might know you by ‘fla.mingo’ – why the name change to ‘flawed mangoes’? How’s the change feeling?

flawed mangoes: I changed it because I came up with fla.mingo when I had just started producing, and I was definitely making something that I don’t identify with anymore.  Flawed Mangoes is much more comfortable to me and it’s easier to pronounce haha.


Phuture: If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

flawed mangoes: unlimited breadsticks!


Phuture: If you were lactose intolerant what food could you not live without?

flawed mangoes: cereal


Phuture: Tell us a bit about your workflow, DAW, favorite VSTs and workstation / setup!

flawed mangoes: These days to start a track I just try to do something new, whether it’s a new plugin or some weird recording or whatever.  I like to use a combination of in-the-box stuff along with hardware synths and drum machines and stuff, and lots of pedals. I’ve found that combining and layering different techniques like that often makes the most interesting sounds.  Some of my favorite instruments lately have been spitfire labs, stuff in NI reaktor, logic’s sculpture synth, and the tonic pocket operator.


Phuture: What are some accomplishments you wish to achieve by end of year?

flawed mangoes: I want to put out this EP i’ve been sitting on forever.  And just put out more music in general. And do more collabssss


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over in 2019!

flawed mangoes: Protial, Emmett McCleary, False Noise, Molly Drag, and everyone at HUGWRM


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways… for now :)?

flawed mangoes: Thanks again for everything!! Also I’m dropping a sound pack really really soon 😉



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