Artist Spotlight: LEViT∆TE.

Next up on our Spotlight Series for Vibey Desert is LEViT∆TE.!

Interview curated by our founder Michael.



Phuture: LEVITATE!! Super excited to spend a bit of time to dive deeper into who you are, what you’ve been upto, and what’s coming. 

Your last project ‘Legacy’ has to be one of my personal favorites not only from you, but also from 2020 in general. It was such a dark year and this project painted a morbid picture throughout and ended with a glimmer of hope… and here we are today :). We’ve almost made it through!

Let’s get started – what did you have for dinner last night?

LEViT∆TE. : First off, thank you, thats fuckin cool to hear! You pretty much nailed it. And that’s a good question. I think I had an impossible burger.




Phuture: How do you feel after the pandemic? Are there any things that you’re inspired by now that you weren’t inspired by before the pandemic?

LEViT∆TE. : Fitness! I had enough freetime to reflect on how fuckin unhealthy i used to be, now I work out like 6 days a week and run a few miles a day. That shit makes me wish i had been doing it since I was 20




Phuture: PC or Mac? Caffeine or Chamomile? Dry or Wet? Pine or Oak? Pain or Comfort?

LEViT∆TE. : Both, Caffeine X100, dry humor/ wet…., im a pine man, pain. Strength is masochism.



Phuture: What can we expect from your set at vibey?

LEViT∆TE. : Chaotic neutral, audio shitposting



Phuture: What did you miss most about thefestival scene?

LEViT∆TE. : Friends I see twice a year.



Phuture: Any singles, projects, or other shows coming up for you this Summer?

LEViT∆TE. : Sooooo many projects, mostly visual ones, but I’ve been casually working on another album here and there. It’s like 8 WIPs so far. And i’m playing Beyond Wonderland in WA this October, and working on some shit here in LA for this summer.



Phuture: If you had 15 minutes to spend with one of the following who would it be, why them, and what would you do?

Options are: Selena Gomez, Cher, Britney Spears, the dog from Airbud or Tom Brady

LEViT∆TE. : Britney spears, we finna break her out


Phuture: would you rather eat raw eggs or extra hot spicy cooked eggs?

LEViT∆TE. : The latter. I fuck with eggs and i fw spice.


Phuture: Is there anyone at the festival that you haven’t seen in years or haven’t met in person yet that you are excited to meet?

LEViT∆TE. : Definitely excited to meet Noer, been a fan of him for awhile, and played an online thing with him, so it will be nice to finally meet up. Also I’m excited to finally see a recent set from BOSTN, and of course, its always nice to catch Aztek.



Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we see you on the festival grounds??!

LEViT∆TE. : Yeah, dont fuck around with covid, no one wants to loose their nana because you wanted to go get drunk at a festival. And this feeling applies to any and all festivals I see, whether I’m playing or not. But yeah, love youuuu




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