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Phuture: CHAZ! It’s been great getting to work together this year – with a recent destinuna release & a future vibes release coming up it’s exciting that Phuture is right in between. Let’s start things off with what you had for breakfast!


CHAZ: Heyo! So stoked to be joining the Phuture Fam! For breakfast I whipped up a perfect batch of scrambled eggs with a side of bacon and a slice of toast.


Phuture: Give the world a brief summary of who you are / what you do inside and outside of music / what got you into this whole thing / etc. 🙂


CHAZ: I am a music producer/instrumentalist based in Boston, MA. I spend most of my time ghost producing and creating personalized sample packs for artists. I also produce/DJ as my tech house alter ego Local Singles with my good friend Zach and help run a growing events company ‘The Groove Dealer’ in New York City.


Phuture: Can we talk about ‘Insight’ for a moment? Take us through the production / creation of this track. What were you feeling at the time and what do you hope the listener takes away from this piece?


CHAZ: When I created this track, I was listening to a LOT of Quiet Bison (if you ever read this I’m a massive fan haha). I really love his granular synthesis work and wanted to take a stab at it! Then layered in some lush chords and PHAT basses to add some emotion and BOOM, ‘Insight’ was born. Was feeling motivated and excited when I wrote this track, and I hope it makes my listeners feel the same!


Phuture: What are 3 things that most people might not know about you?



  1. My friends and I started a skateboard gang called ‘Primo Skate’. Yes, we have multiple videos up on Youtube. No, we weren’t good.
  2. I am absolutely incredible at parallel parking.
  3. My immune system is impeccable.


Phuture: Let’s say that money is no object and you have 30 days completely free to spend in one location of the world. Where would that be and why?


CHAZ: This is a really tough question because I don’t like being locked into one location for long periods of time! I was in Tulum a few months ago and would love to go back there. I left feeling so inspired and ready to write!


Phuture: What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?


CHAZ: Oh boy this is such a hard question, been a fan of Phuture Collective since day 1! But if I have to choose one track, I’d have to say Verzache – Nowhere. There’s something about how he processes his basses that makes me go crazy!!


Phuture: Ask us a question!


CHAZ: If you could sit in on studio time with any artist dead or alive, who would you pick?

Phuture: Aphex twin, hands down. I need to see firsthand for a couple hours how their creative process works.


Phuture: What does the next year look like for ya? Any album / shows / streams / travel plans being put together?


CHAZ: This upcoming year is looking like a wild one for me. I’ve scheduled a release with Future Vibes, locked in multiple ghost production jobs, planned a ‘Local Singles’ show for almost every weekend this late summer/fall and a few shows on the west coast! Can’t wait for what this year has in store for me!


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to rapidly emerge in 2021!


CHAZ: Quickly Quickly, Houndtrack, Camoufly, Otxhello, and Duumu.


Phuture: Anything else you wish to mention before we part ways until next time?


CHAZ: Love you Phuture Collective! Thanks for believing in me and can’t wait to work with you in the future!!



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