Vibey Desert Spotlight : jordnmoody

Next up on our Spotlight Series for Vibey Desert is jordnmoody!

Interview curated by Zidakara



Phuture: jordnmoody!!!! Yo man you have dope tracks from FTSU with wakaan and FIU with partica and now you’re performing at a festival coming out of the pandemic, this is huge! So stoked to meet with you and talk with you fam. You ready for your performance???

Jordnmoody: Haha thank you man. But yes, stoked for it! Desert shows are always rewarding, and the production for Vibey this year is going to be epic. Can’t wait!




Phuture: How are you feeling right now!!

Jordnmoody: More inspired than ever! Now with shows coming back, I’ve been getting jolts of creativity in the studio lately which I’ve been trying to take full advantage of.




Phuture: Have you done any in person shows yet? Or is this your first festival? Is this your first show?

Jordnmoody: This will be my second festiva booking! My first one will be The Untz this coming weekend. V grateful to finally have some actual festival bookings under my belt. It’s been a long time coming haha



Phuture: what can we expect from your set at vibey?


Jordnmoody: A showcase of everything I’ve been working on over the past year. I really try to highlight my original works for festival sets, but def not limited too… So who knows really! haha



Phuture: What did you miss most about the festival scene?

Jordnmoody: The sense of community. Stumbling upon new artists in a live setting.



Phuture: What can we expect from you in 2021?

Jordnmoody: An EP; my debut EP at that. Numerous collabs and singles. Plus, A LOT of shows 😉



Phuture: would you rather eat raw eggs or extra hot spicy cooked eggs?

Jordnmoody: Hot spicy cooked eggs without a doubt lmao


Phuture: Is there anyone at the festival that you haven’t seen in years or haven’t met in person yet that you are excited to meet?

Jordnmoody: I’m stoked to meet yates haha. Been following his wild af tunes, and even had a collab with him but have yet to meet him in person so that’s pretty sick. Also hyped for that Jestic set.


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we see you on the festival grounds??!

Jordnmoody: Just excited to finally be sharing a stage with a lot of the artists I admire and love! See you all in the desert!



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