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Phuture: Ohhhhhh man. This is the fourth time we’ve now had the pleasure of picking your brain. Don’t you think we forget when you were a little plankton swimming in the sea – and now you are turning into a true beluga whale :). We gotta comment on how proud we are of your progress and so stoked to continue to see your journey moving forward!

Tell the world what you had for lunch today!

chromonicci.Well…I am on my way to L.A right now, and haven’t had the chance to eat lunch! But I did have an apple and a protein bar for breakfast!

Phuture: Ohhh my – ‘Ascend.’ is quite the journey. Sooooo wavey :). What inspired this one and what do you want listeners to take away from the experience?

chromonicci.Aye! Thanks so much man, really appreciate that. So the inspiration was pretty goofy for this one as I had just heard Sam Gellaitry’s Long Distance VIP and I was instantly inspired to make something new! I’d like the listeners to allow the music to whisk you away from reality for a bit.

Phuture: Where do you work? If you ever have time to waste, what’s your favorite time to waste it? (question from b-dos!)

chromonicci.So I work in my bedroom! I tend to waste time shooting hoops, though since its exercise I wouldn’t necessarily call it a waste!


Phuture: Tell us about your creative process? How does the workflow work? When do your bass lines come in? (question from schrame!)

chromonicci.To be quite honest, my creative process is all over the place. Most of the time though it involves my favorite candy; Skittles or tropical starbursts. Sometimes I spend a while working with a melody, other times I’ve had one stuck in my head all day so it can kinda be a lot of things! Bass lines for me are deep in my musical soul, I normally do consciously write a bass line, since I play everything in with MIDI it normally is the best improvisational take I had!


Phuture: If you were lactose intolerant what food could you not live without? ( question from capshun!)

chromonicci.Something in me wants to say pizza, but truly I’d be heartbroken without Chicken Alfredo.


Phuture: Walk us through your end of 2018 and start of 2019 – what kind of experiences encountered and what ‘come-ups’ have you experienced?

chromonicci.:  Hmm! Great question, so around the end of 2018 I’d just released my EP, and was looking for management. Signed with management (shoutout 110Agency WOOP), and now I’ve been trying to secure the right opportunities. A lot of the come-ups so to speak were intangibles / internal gains. I’ve been working on my confidence and really speaking things into existence. Externally though, already had some moments where I received praise from some of my main inspirations. So that has been cool!


Phuture: What are some accomplishments you wish to achieve by end of year?

chromonicci.Playing my first international show / tour! That would be insane!


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over in 2019!

chromonicci.olswel. , oak, HXRY, mantrablu, and capshun.


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways… for now :)?

chromonicci.Just hope you all enjoy this release!


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