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Interview curated by our founder Michael.


Phuture : Mayne it’s our third time together!! You have got to be one of the only artists to release with us 3 times so quickly. This trifecta of releases puts you in the ranks of several producers who call Phuture Collective their family. Thank you for your love and ongoing support!

What did you first listen to today, and what was for breakfast?

FLY : Been doing intermittent fasting recently so nothing for breakfast lol – listened to some Earth, Wind & Fire this morning


Phuture : Soooo ‘Run’ – what kind of emotions were you feeling when you started this song? What do you want the listener to take away from it?

FLY : ‘Run’ marks a transition for my sound into a deeper, more bassy realm. Emotionally this track and my upcoming releases focus mainly on spirituality and the feeling of tribal roots in Bass Music.


Phuture : If you could only have one sample pack and one VST / plugin for the rest of your life what would those be?

FLY : I’ve made a FLY pack of recorded percussion and analog synths so would stick with that. For plugins would be Slate Digital VMR for Mixing.


Phuture : What are some inspirations that go into your life and music that other people would be surprised to hear?

FLY : Psychedelic art of any kind


Phuture : If you had to drop everything on your plate to go on a 2 month tour with little to no pay across North and South America would you? What would you expect to happen if you say ‘yes’?

FLY : haha it would definitely depend on the level of inspiration and the creative vision of the tour and people involved etc.


Phuture : What should we expect from you going into 2020 and beyond? Any other label releases or news in the works?

FLY : 2 upcoming EP’s and releases with a few labels that will be announced soon.


Phuture : What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

FLY : przm X CCIV – Sassafras


Phuture : Shoutout 5 artists who are going to take control of 2020!

FLY : Lost Dogz, Pigeon Hole, Rome in Silver, Bonnema, Saka


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