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It is leet‘s third release with us & he brought a new friend – Zeplinn. Today we have a chance to get know the freshest edition of our family, and get to know Phuture Vet. – leet, on a whole new level. Let’s begin!

Pictured above is leet.

Pictured below is Zeplinn.


Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: it’s so good to have you back on Phuture for the third time leet!!! We remember over a year ago when you were making weird, sloppy, weird ass bass music that you’ve turned into a cohesive experience that only you are known for.

We see you brought a friend, Zeplinn, who we are super excited to meet and welcome!!

Let’s start things off with what you both had for breakfast!

leet : i just ate some leftover chicken tenders from Buffalo Wild Wings last night because I was running late to work thx 4 asking

Zeplinn: Spaghetti, and coffee. No shame.


Phuture: Let’s talk about ‘Bruh’ real quick. How did this piece come together? Is this your first time working together? How do your styles complement each other?

leet : basically Zeplinn sent me an idea that was mostly comprised of the neuro-bassy part, and I was able to compose a full track with the idea. Was a fun collab, went very smooth and was done within 48 hours. Definitely first of multiple collabs.

Zeplinn: Well really I just had this skeleton of a nuero track, and and ended up in leet’s inbox, and he literally crushed it out in two days. Mad work flow. Definitely gonna be workin’ together again soon


Phuture: How has 2018 been to you each so far? What have you accomplished and what’s next for the rest of the year ?

leet : this year has kicked ass actually, I’ve accomplished all the small goals I had set for myself this year and I have an agency representing me now. This was an important step in my career as I’m now able to play shows more frequently. What’s next for the rest of the year? Just gotta keep hustling and making beats.

Zeplinn: Surprisingly amazing, the ideas have been flowing quickly, and I’m making MAD friends a long the way. The collective I come from “The Undergrowth” has been gaining momentum, and all my best friends are crushing the game, I know things are gonna get even crazier from here! I guess for the rest of the year its grind time! Just continue to push out some good tunes, and play good sets, and see all of the pretty people out there!


Phuture: Steak or salad? And what accompanies the steak and what’s in the salad?

leet : steak accompanied by steak sauce, duh

Zeplinn: Steak, Medium rare, Garlic Butter, A1. Thats the combo.


Phuture: What are your favorite Disney movies? What about your favorite Disney princess and why?

leet : The Human Centipede. Favorite princess: Bassnectar

Zeplinn: Alice in Wonderland has to be my favorite. And uh, i suppose Alice eh?


Phuture: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

leet : the ability to fly.

Zeplinn: Teleportation.


Phuture: what inspired you to start making music?

leet : a broken heart, actually.

Zeplinn: My Dad. He used to do a bunch of club stuff in the 90s early 00s, without him i’m not really sure where I would’ve ended up on the music spectrum. Before he got me really into it, i was a huge metal head. So yeah without Dj Gravity there would be no Zeplinn!


Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018 / 2019!

leet : NEWSENSEi, Carlo Frick, contingent, potions, kusmo

Zeplinn: Kirby Bright, Cut Rugs, Murkury, Hyperbolic Headspace, Makak, and honestly just every artist we have working with us on The Undergrowth. TUGLIFE


Phuture: Before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for a few months (until your next Phuture release :])?

leet : tip ur bartenders ya sillies

Zeplinn: Much love, thanks for having us on, Definitely hope to be back!

And always pass it to the left. 😉


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