Rohaan and his ‘Spine’


When we first met Rohaan he had a handful of followers and was making weird music that you wouldn’t hear on the radio – flash forward barely over a year and things have changed. He’s picked up the pace enormously and has a sound you WILL hear on the radio. It’s a pleasure to have him onboard with us yet again for another insane track. Scroll down and read our latest interview with him 🙂

picture above is Rohaan.

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: Rohaaaaaaaan. This is your fourth release on our main page and your seventh release in our network (if we include your suma – stutter remix and your cypher mix!). We’re so grateful for your loyalty and give you so many kudos as you continue to rise up above the underground. As we get started please tell everyone what you had for breakfast.

Rohaan: Honestly such a pleasure to be back! Proud as cabbage to be a part of the phuture journey. Today i actually had some granola and greek yogurt! Belter of a breakfast


Phuture: Tell us a bit about your home environment. Where do you live / work / what do most of your days consist of?

Rohaan: Damn well im actually super grateful for my environment. I live away from home in a brand new house with 3 other mates. We all make music and two of them run a label! So the environment is definitely the best i could wish for!

Im also Climbing training around 10 hours a week now also, for fitness and to pursue the sport


Phuture: Let’s take a little look over the last six months! You have been gaining serious momentum in terms of plays, followers, engagements & presence across the community at large. What has been key in doing so?

Rohaan: Its simple, what works? So good and consistent branding over all platforms allows people to engage and remember content. Also your sound, keep developing and create a brand of your sound and art that people will buy into it!

Just really enjoying working on my brand right now and interacting with other artists and listeners. But mainly it’s just the time you put into it, hours and hours will pay off.


Phuture: Where do you see music in 30 years?

Rohaan: Damn ok so its the year 2048 and the scene is now all in a pill. To even listen or make music you take a certain pill and it drops you into the industry which is now a mental state and nothing physical.

Phuture: What can we expect from you the next year?

Rohaan: Damn. A lot man! More large shows not in the UK. Got a release this month on one of the largest labels in the scene which im stupidly excited for!! Also currently sat on two collaborative EPs and a solo EP which will be out this year and the next. And much much more


Phuture:  What has been some of your most notable events or come ups so far in 2018?

Rohaan: I just recently got that  sync on the F1 Ad with my Phuture release ‘RED’ with Roxas & Khlark.  Also i’ve had that single release on Circus Records, hit 4k followers finally. Also hit 400,000 plays on Thorns on Spotify!


Phuture: What does your ideal sandwich consist of?

Rohaan:: An idiot Sandwich


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over in 2019!

Rohaan:: Duke & Jones / Laxcity / Rome in Silver / Jon Casey  / Hanz

Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

Rohaan:: Just that im super grateful for everything happening around me and my music homies right now. So much going on daily and im maaad grateful for it all! Big Up


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