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Phuture : Mr. chromonicci – this marks your 7th official release on our main page and the 11th release on our network… JEESH! Did you ever think when we first met that you’d have THAT many releases with us lol?

chromonicci. :  Wow! 7? That’s CRAZY, and so so awesome too! I’ve been pretty dedicated to being a part of phuture so it does my heart good to know I’ve released so much music with y’all <3 


Phuture : We’re still grateful and super blessed you’ve kept with us so long!! We deff wouldn’t be the same without you <3. Well let’s move forward here 🙂 Tell the world what you had for lunch today 🙂

chromonicci. Lets see here, today I had chicken and rice casserole! 


Phuture : Time for a moment to talk about ‘Hope.’. Although the title might be obvious – what helped inspire this? Take us through the inspirations behind this beautiful piece.

chromonicci.  Ahh yes. So I think I was feeling like i needed some sort of cathartic release and expression. I took the time to do that with Hope. It was a palette cleanser for me at the time. I’d been working on a ton of projects and I was able to take time to reset musically. I always name all my songs after I finish them, so i guess I felt that this one represented hope.


Phuture : Word around the campfire is that you’ve had quite a few fun new changes the last couple months. Want to tell our listeners and readers?

chromonicci.  Of course! I’ve moved to Washington D.C in pursuit of my musical dreams! I’m a full time boiii! :)))))))


Phuture : Looking back over 2019 in comparison to 2018 – what notable accomplishments or heartaches did you experience?

chromonicci. : Ooof, so 2019 was a year of learning. Can’t help but feel like it was the hard way lolol. I had a stent of depression. The thing is though, I’m pretty high-functioning so I don’t think I properly named it for months – WHOOPS. Happens though. Accomplishment wise, I got some love from some of my inspirations, and reached numbers I never thought possible. Also I’ve been getting opportunities I never saw coming. So it’s been a very good year overall. 


Phuture : Michael here – I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN PERSON AT THE END OF THE MONTH. I’ve known you for almost four years now so my question to you is “Are you ready for a bruised rib cage from me hugging you too hard?” (Shouts to Good Society for making this show happen in LA w/ whereisalex on the 31st of Jan.!)

chromonicci. OMFG DUDE I CANNOT WAIT TO GIVE YOU A LARGE SQUEEZE. THATS THAT ON THAT. HELL YES IM READY. I’m so excited. Y’all don’t even know, Michael is just the best. This is a dream come true.

Phuture : The world has suddenly shifted and you are the last person alive. You are here alone with little wildlife and no human contact. Everything on Earth seems to be in tact and running smoothly – there are simply no people left. What do you do to spend the rest of your days? (Keep in mind there surely is abundant resources for fuel, food, transportation and technology)

chromonicci. Oh wow. I guess I’d mourn a bit. As an extrovert, I tend to get my energy from people, and losing some loved ones and friends would be a big adjustment. However, I think once that settles, I’d make it my mission to travel the world, and see some of those google desktop backgrounds and screensavers in real life. Oh and I’d go and raid the skittles factory. 


Phuture : What have your favorite songs of 2020 been? Pick 5!

chromonicci. Favorite songs, ok nice. 

This year has been spicy. 

My five are Olswel – 2012, quickly, quickly – yourworth, Bsterthegawd – abandon, enuar / EDP – Dawn, and Tennyson – artyboy remix
Phuture : Say an artist is experiencing a negative time in their life – what kind of advice can you give them to help cheer them up?

chromonicci.: I think the best I can say is this: “You are special, there isn’t another person like you. You’re worth it, and somebody somewhere cares deeply for you. Also talk yourself tf up! It’s important that you know how much of a badass you are. ”







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