Running away with RZON.

We’ve got some light, mildly-bubbly & chill vibes for you with this one! You may end up just even wanting to ‘Run Away’ in your mind to a far off place that was created here by RZON. which features Tierra. Go ahead and hear what we’re talking about by pressing play below… Oh! And don’t […]

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PeriKardium to ease the pulpitations

You’ll want to hear today’s ‘local forecast’ presented to you by PeriKardium, with his first release on phuture collective. We would put words to the track and the artist – but instead how about you press play on this track here, then read our interview with PeriKardium below? Sounds like a plan!! Interview with PeriKardium: […]

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My my, M i s t e r / L

You should be accustomed to M i s t e r / L by now since this is the third issue he’s been a part of! Just in case you don’t already know him, or if you’d like to know more – check out this new interview with him as part of our issue seven […]

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School is in s e s h

It’s with gratitude, harmony & ease that we present you with the following track & interview. We’ll be giving you the run down on one of this year’s hottest up and coming producers – s e s h.┬áHe’s been with us for quite some time now, although not officially releasing under phuture – until this […]

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Rising with Neon Chief

This is Neon Chief’s fourth release on phuture so if he’s a stranger then you are a stranger to us! Having not missed an issue since he first joined, he┬áhas continually progressed to form the sound he brings us today which segues us to ‘Ryu’. ‘Ryu’ is the first track to be released on SUNRISE […]

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