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Phuture : ALEXXX… errr ‘alex’!!!! Sooooo amazing to have you here for the third time on our main page :D. We’re gonna have to find some spicy questions here to make both the reader and YOU entertained. So, shall we? What did you have for dinner last night? Was it homemade or from somewhere out of this world?

alex martian:  Thanks for having me dude! I’m visiting family right now so I had a pretty good small steak. It was pretty baller.


Phuture : What’s something you do in your spare time when not doing music or visual arts? Additionally how much time would you say you spend a week on both music and visual arts individually?

alex martian:  Lots of things! When I’m not drawing for commission work or for my track covers, I draw for fun! I also like playing video games, looking for new music/artists to listen to, and hanging out on discord alot. I try to spend at least a good 3-4 hours minimum with working on music. Keeps the creative momentum going for me. 


Phuture : Alright so let’s talk about what everyone came here for – ‘So Close’. Take us through what you feel this track represents and the idea behind it. Anything in particular you learned from this creation?

alex martian: “So Close” is a song about a kid who almost get what he wants through hard work but doesn’t make it. It’s admittingly a sad song about a feeling I used to feel alot before back when I was younger, usually when it came to grades or winning at sports. (Not to say I did bad in school though haha.)


Phuture : Do you dance often? Do you dance to your own music? What gets you in the mood for dancing if so?

alex martian:  I’m not much of a dancer haha. However, I do like to walk around my room while letting a song I’m working on play out so I can get a feel of the groove and rhythm. If I’m not bouncing with the beat, I go back on my computer and fine tune the track more. 


Phuture : How often do you use your voice in recordings? Are there tracks that we can hear it in?

alex martian: Not often but I am pushing to do so more. In fact, my track “Some Secret Grotto” uses my voice twice in two different parts of the song. Definitely something I want to explore more for sure. 


Phuture : If you could live anywhere in the world for a year where would it be and why?

alex martian: I’d love to live either in a small port town near the ocean or a small lake town, preferably with a small population. 


Phuture : What’s an influence that goes into your music that other people would be surprised about ? (this influence doesnt have to be music, can be food, or colors, etc.)

alex martianWhen I was a kid, I played a lot of Sonic games on my gamecube. Part of the reason I enjoyed those games so much was because the soundtrack on all of them were so cool and fit well with their respective levels. With my music, I also want to invoke this feeling of escapism with my music.


alex martian: WEI, Quiet Bison, Olswel, Summet, and Dripgirl have all been releasing some quality stuff so far. Excited for what comes next from these guys for sure!

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