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Phuture : Dang Mr. DIVERSA did you realize this is your seventh time releasing with us? Time is crazy and yet so is life… so let’s dive in and talk about that. But first – tell the world what you had for breakfast!

DIVERSA : I had a mouthful of toothpaste and a toothbrush for breakfast but in that case I never swallow. 


Phuture : ‘Crow’ is one of our favorite tracks by you, and somehow it can’t really be found online anymore… maybe because your ‘VIP’ of this treasure blew up. Since we are known as housing some of your lost gems it only felt right for this to be the next one.

Can you go back to the time when you wrote it? If so then what inspired this story? Additionally you have a few VIPs out there so we’re also curious what it takes for you to choose when a track deserves / needs a VIP.

DIVERSA : I had a dream where I was completely immobilized with my eyes open, and a crow was staring me right in the eyes. It was very ominous. I felt my dream self trying to wake up. I told my friends about the dream and someone said maybe a crow is my spirit animal. And I believe it turned out to actually be true. 

When I make VIPs it’s just because I’m still digging the original track a lot and want to make my fantasy come true about the track. 


Phuture : Someone comes to you for help. They are suffering (in general) and are asking for some helpful tips or words of advice to bring them some positivity or bliss. What do you tell them?

DIVERSA : Negativity is only possible through irony. Irony is secretly a purge process for the goodness in everything to finally be realized. I had to break the fourth wall there 😉


Phuture : What are some crazy collabs you’ve had over the years that might never see the light of day?

DIVERSA : I had started a collab with Isqa and when I met Oshi, I had started a really quick one with him too. Mr. Bill and I were supposed to collab like 6 years ago too. 


Phuture : What is coming from you in 2020? Can we expect more tunes and if so what are the odds of another body of work such as an EP to arise?

DIVERSA : My vision for 2020 is to bring the true operation to light by just letting go of what I’ve been ironically forced to hold on to. It feels no different than everyday life.


Phuture : What do you envy?

DIVERSA : I envy reality.


Phuture : What’s a memory you will never forget?

DIVERSA : The cocoon I was in. 


Phuture : What’s an influence that goes into your music that other people would be surprised about ? (

DIVERSA : I would make music from the same influence that synchronizes certain synchronicities. 😉


DIVERSA : Gluteus Maximus and his disciples.    

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