Emissions Festival 2018 : Artist spotlight #1 | Milano

We had a chance to interview Milano, one of the dozens of artists we are so excited to hear and see at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Festival this year!!

Hey Milano!! It was so great meeting you at Emissions last year after working together in the past and being online friends for a couple years. We’re excited for this year in regards to Emissions Festival, your momentum & everything in between. We wanna ask you a few questions if that’s cool!


Phuture: How stoked were you to get announced for this year’s festival after enjoying every minute of last year?

Milano: Oh man, I was so hyped. I was in the SF Airport in the food court for a while waiting for some homies to pick me up and I got an Email from Camp Q asking me if i’m interested! Instantly replied with the most unprofessional email saying “YOOOOO!!!!!!, I would be HONORED!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS” hahaha. Way too much excitement, But its my favorite festival, and the first festival i ever attended. So i truly am honored.


: Who are you most excited about sharing the stage with?

Milano: Not sure what stage i’ll be playing, But I am honored to be at the same festival as Some idols/friends such as, Mr carmack, Ivy Lab, Gangus, Sober Rob, Sumthin Sumthin, Rage logic, Yheti, And Huxley anne.


Phuture: What kind of set can the listeners plan on witnessing from you? How much lost dogz will be played?!

Milano: Already been making a gang of live edits and new tracks and all that inspired by the Festival. A few collabs as well. I try and stick to all Lost dogz, originals, and other close friends that are killin it though.


Phuture:  What other plans do you have for the rest of the year? (I.E – Other shows, releases, etc.)

Milano : Before Emissions, I’ll be Playing Serenity festival with amazing friends/artists such as Eazybaked, Player Dave, Tsuruda, Great Dane, Potions, Cambot,  and many more great artists. Got a few other shows in between that. And the Untz festival after, which will be a very very special b2b with lost dogz members Cambot & Untitld. Also a special guest.


Phuture: Which vendor or place has the best food at festival?

Milano: Honestly, I try and bring my own food to music festivals. But i’m down with anywhere that sells good beer.


Phuture: Anything else you want to say before we part ways until May 11th?

Milano: Shout the universe & Lost Dogz.


Emissions West Coast Bass Culture 2018 links:

Facebook event page – here
Facebook Group – here 
Tickets / Website – here


Discover more Milano here:
Soundcloud – here
Twitter – here
Instagram – here

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