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We warmly welcome capshun on board Phuture Collective. The past few months he has honed into a sound which is all is own. A warm, energetic but firm style which moves the listener in such a bouncy fashion you dare not classify it with a genre. We had a chance to interview capshun, which you can peruse below!


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Interview curated by Michael


Phuture: It’s such a pleasure to welcome you aboard Phuture Collective capshun!! Your track ‘past’ is the perfect track to launch the issue off. As we get started please tell everyone what you had for breakfast.

capshun: Haha. Yes I am so excited to be a part of this issue. Been a dream of mine for a long time. But breakfast? Man I had bacon, some French toast sticks, and a banana nut muffin this morning. Breakfast of champion’s haha

Phuture: How long have you been making music? What is your setup like?

capshun: I’ve been making music for about 6-7 years now I can’t remember exactly, haha. But I started future beats a couple years ago. I just upgraded to a Razer laptop and I only use headphones to make music. I’m deployed with the Army and where I live right now I have no space for monitors unfortunately.


Phuture: Let’s take a little look over the last six months! You have been gaining serious momentum in terms of plays, followers, engagements & presence across the community at large. What has been key in doing so?

capshun: So I’ve actually been asked this a lot and I’ve thought about it. And really the biggest thing is honestly just making friends in the community. I feel like I’ve come in contact with so many amazing people and amazing artists. And it’s been amazing how much support I’ve received. I can hardly even believe it sometimes.


Phuture: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard electronic music? How would you describe it to someone who is deaf?

capshun: Yo, this is definitely a tough question haha. Imagine yourself as futuristic samurai drifting through space on an adventure throughout the galaxy. Your story and your adventures are told in every one of my songs.


Phuture: What can we expect from you the next few months?

capshun: The next few months is going to be special. I have a lot planned. I have an EP with Night Swim at the end of this month. Working on some really big collabs with my homies 92elm, Delay and a few other homies. Possibly a Sample pack as well if everything goes right haha.


Phuture: Tell us a bit about BONSAI and what we should be looking forward to :).

capshun: Okay, so Bonsai is super exciting for me because it’s my first time doing something like it. I created Bonsai to create a space where artists that are really doing something special with their music can get some shine. Like most collectives/labels expect a lot of releases from some really dope artists. I’m actually dropping a track on their next week from my upcoming EP! 😀


Phuture: Where do you want to be in 1 year? What about 3 years?

capshun: Dude by this time next year I definitely want to be doing shows across the U.S. I want to be collaborating with all of my favorite producers and vocalists. In three years I want to be headlining festivals and working heavily with bigger artists. I want Bonsai to be moving along as well. Haven’t figured out how I am going to make this all happen, but I won’t stop working. I’ll never stop.


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over in 2018!

capshun: The five artists that I am watching for are obviously the homie chromonicci. (I mean who isn’t waiting for music from him though lol), Max Fry, TRZYB∑ΔTZ, sterfry, and the underscores.


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

capshun: I really just want to say I love and appreciate everything that Phuture Collective has done for me so far. Nothing means more to me than this Family and Community built around this music. WUBALUBADUBDUUUB!!


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