Emissions Festival 2018

As we try to type this article up please bare with us – it’s extremely difficult to keep our fingers from shaking in anticipation for what was just announced.

After witnessing last year’s experience showcasing dozens of our favorite artists (Josh Pan, X&G, Woolymammoth, Tsuruda, Hapa, Huxley Anne, Suma, Metapod, Penny Wide Pupils, Mike ILL, Secret Recipe, Craze & Sober Rob) we honestly wondered how anything could top that.


But they topped it. Oh, my did they top it!


This year they feature a GIGANTIC lineup with artists such as Mr. Carmack, Ivy Lab, Rage Logic, Sumthin Sumthin, WHIPPED CREAM, ¬†Gangus, Huxley Anne, Headphone Activist, Milano, Suds, Kozmo, Pilz Beats, LITTLE SNAKE, Mike ILL, Episcool, Juan, Khanda, Kahji, EYEMC & more. We didn’t even mention some heavy hitters like Rusko & Bauuer as with Minnesota – and that’s barely half the lineup!!


Check out the full flier for Emissions below:


You can catch us there – just look for the men and women wearing Phuture Collective T-Shirts – and we’ll hand out some free stickers and share our awe and joy for one of the best lineups to hit the nation.


Emissions West Coast Bass Culture 2018 links:

Facebook event page – here
Facebook Group Рhere 
Tickets / Website – here


Checking out & counting down the days to Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Festival 2018.


<3 Phuture Collective

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