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issue seven | MIDNIGHT features another collaboration by samwise. and Candy Casket, brought to you with a decidedly ethereal feel. No disappointed faces here. Be sure to read our exclusive interview with them after hearing their track below =]

Interview conducted by Michael of the phuture collective team.

phuture: samwise.! Candy Casket! So you didn’t lie in your last interview, you truly had more works planned. So glad you two did it again. Give the world a quick run down of who you are and what you are into before we get into the juicy deets.
samwise.: I think Shea started this drinkin some booooze so that helped 🙂
Candy Casket: My name’s Shea, I make music as ‘Candy Casket’ aka ‘Lil Mutton Chop’. I’m from New Jersey but currently based out of Savannah, GA.
phuture: I don’t think I’ve personally heard anything quite like this. ‘Something Somewhere’ starts off with this subtle energy that is just waiting to burst. However I didn’t expect a burst quite like what happened in the latter half of the track. So pleasantly surprised. What inspiration went into this track here?
samwise.: the profound wisdom of samwise (no gamgee tho) helped so i guess CC is Frodo and we helped guide one another to conquer Sarumun or some shit. nbd.
Candy Casket: I get my inspiration from old Charles Bronson movies. Also Courteous Family probably had a big influence on this track. I think everything they make is so fresh.
phuture: Looking back over 2016 what did you learn? Any regrets?
samwise.:I learned to just have fun and quit worrying about the future. Regrets were not treating my music like my baby and doing everything for it because I love it.
Candy Casket: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Last year was rough, I regret most of it, in general.
phuture: If you could take the skills/abilities of 3 musicians what would those be?
samwise.: can’t say. too many to count.
Candy Casket: Thundercat’s bass playing skills for all three, then I would challenge him to a bass-off and take all his money and awards.
phuture: 2017 is here! What do each of you have cooking this year? Individually and together.
samwise.: Shows, music, and music. Together, mostly music, but we get to see each other soon so we’ll have some crazy shit coming soon.
Candy Casket: Pretty much anytime I make something that I think sounds cool, I send it to Sam so he can make it sound cooler, so there will be many more collabs coming out this year with us. As for myself, I’m working on making a tiny cassette label of some sort, because there aren’t enough of those already, I said sarcastically
phuture: What were each of your top 3 favorite tracks released in 2016?
samwise.: Hmmm Woosta – Ripple (Herzeloyde Phlip), JonEcks – 4087, and Candy Casket – untitled.3.7.16
Candy Casket: Hard to pick just three, it was an amazing year musically. Frank Ocean’s ‘White Ferrari” will probably be the best song ever for the rest of time. All of Solange’s new album. Bad and Boujee…
phuture: If someone traveled to your hometown, where is the best spot to eat? Best place to find a drink? What about live music?
samwise.: Nowhere Flemington SUUUUCKS lol
Candy Casket: Zunzi’s for food, for booze, literally anywhere, the whole city is alcoholic. Graveface records puts on some really awesome shows, I just wish they did it more often.
phuture: When your inspiration runs dry where do you turn?
samwise.: My homies’ music, and new music.
Candy Casket: Old Tibetan poetry is great to steal inspiration from. Also I have a picture of Ja’Rule above my desk, if I’m ever not sure what to do, I just ask, “What would Ja’Rule do?”
phuture: Who’s going to break barriers in 2017?
samwise.: The whole phuture pham!
Candy Casket: Soulja Boy’s gonna break Chris Browns barriers… Also samwise., duh!



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