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Nostalgia nudges neo-bass in a most crooked manner with Untitld‘s debut release on phuture. Welcome him to the family by listening to his masterpiece and reading about him below.
Interview curated by M i s t e r / L of the phuture team.
phuture: So nice to finally get you on an issue, tell the people a bit about untitld!
Untitld: Very happy to be on one! I’m just a normal person like everyone else. A major lover of food and nature. I just spend all my time working on music and enjoying life.
phuture: What or who got you into producing?
Untitld: I don’t think I could pinpoint one exact thing or person that got me into producing. I’ve been into music my entire life, there hasn’t really been anything else I’ve wanted to do with my life besides this.
phuture: Once again you’ve lured us in with a warming melodic flow and then dropped the floor from underneath us with bang and bass. What inspires this yin and yang type structure?
Untitld: I get a lot of inspiration from balance. Funny you should say Yin and Yang cause that’s where I get most of it from. I try to keep both mellow and hype in my tracks. I want it to grab you from multiple emotions.
phuture: We see you out there eating sushi a lot fam, favorite place and/or roll?
Untitld: Ay I’m all about that sushi life. I actually don’t eat any other meat besides fish. Favorite place is Little Tokyo in my hometown of San Dimas. Favorite roll would either be a Red Dragon or Rainbow roll.
phuture: What location and setting would you want your ideal studio to be in? Be specific!
Untitld: Ideal location would have to be somewhere surrounded by nature. I’m thinking either by the beach or somewhere up in the mountains. Somewhere away from city life.
phuture: What helps get untitld in the producing zone?
Untitld: A lot of different things get me in the zone. It could be as simple as smoking some tree or a major life event. It really just depends on what’s going on around me at the time.
phuture: We’ve seen you grinding and spreading your wings this last year. Big plans for untitld in 2017?
Untitld: I got some pretty big things planned for 2017! A collab with one of my all time favorite artist, my first festival and a bunch of new Lost Dogz music, merch and shows. Really excited for the future. I’m so thankful for everyone supporting the movement. You all rock.
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