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: Well M i s t e r / L – it’s safe to say that our readers have a good idea of who you are and what you are about, after interviewing you several times! We’ll try to keep this one spicy by asking some off the wall questions. Hope you are ready! Firstly, what did you dream about last night? If you don’t remember, then tell us how often you do remember your dreams.

M i s t e r / L : Hmm I haven’t remembered my dream in like a week. It’s like once a week prob unless I eat something crazy 😉


Phuture : Your progress is exciting, inspiring & motivating. Since joining us on issue five we’ve noticed your sound improving on a track by track basis. What is driving your transition to the type of music you are currently producing compared to the past? Is it simply progress?

M i s t e r / L : I really never have found a specific sound for myself so yeah it really is just progress, a continuous drive to refine/clean up my sound and bopping around trying different things. I gotta give a shoutout to the whole wave community and the OG’s though because that style of music resonates with me unlike any other and it’s very challenging and fun to make right now.


Phuture : Nightscapes!!! It’s turning into such a good looking outlet to expose artists who deserve more recognition, alongside being a one-stop-shop for music themed around such vibrations. What do you have planned for Nightscapes the coming months? What would you like to see happen throughout the next year?

M i s t e r / L : NightScapes has been a very fun adventure so far and it hasn’t even been long! I am currently re-facing the page with new art and direction towards more atmospheric and scape-like music and I have some really amazing tracks from producers that define the NightScapes vibe. I am also launching a YouTube channel soon to make the experience a fully immersive one. I hope to grow that channel so people all over the world can have a quick place to escape and I also hope to keep getting amazing submissions!


Phuture : What was your favorite beverage growing up? Favorite snack? What are your favorite beverages and snacks now?!

M i s t e r / L : Dang, I would say grape soda and Lays Barbecue potato chips back then. Now hmm, water and Tostitos hahaha.


Phuture : Your assistance with Phuture has been monumental. Since becoming an Admin with us, you’ve also assisted with branding, a&r, moderation, visual arts & beyond. What type of role would you like to see yourself in a year from now with Phuture? What about three years from now?

M i s t e r / L : <3 it has been an honor to work with you and grow. In a year I hope to be doing everything I’m doing now plus more. I want to do more for our artists especially our core artists when it comes to song placements, show placements whatever it is. Also would like to spread our fan base in many different directions! Three years woah I hope me, you and the pham are touring around. I kinda also hope to be behind the scenes running our various projects, working with our team and fueling the pham from home! Maybe streaming some live content or a radio show or something!


Phuture : Tell us a bit about your environment. What do you do for money, what is your town like, & how would your non-musical friends describe you?

M i s t e r / L : I currently work remotely for an app called Rednote. It’s a creation tool where you can easily put songs to videos and pictures, it’s pretty cool and funny. My town is kinda lame and I can’t really BMX(that made the town cooler) anymore cuz neck probs but there are some decent parks and beaches for adventures and taking pictures so that helps. I’ve worked on my studio room a bunch and I’m happy with where thats at now :). My friends would prob just say I’m chill and kinda funny haha


Phuture : What does it take to get where you are at now – both musically & professionally?

M i s t e r / L : Mindset! I think you have to find and recognize the little things that make you happy and then work your ass off haha. Whether it’s just finding stuff to laugh at, a person/people, place, food, weed, whatever. Also, don’t be afraid of what people say about the pursuit of your passion. Don’t be discouraged if people don’t give a damn what you’re doing. Be confident, be humble, and don’t take short cuts. Focus on yourself and your relationships and go all out every day.


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