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Today you’ll get to hear RVKIT with his fifth release on phuture – a dynamic, somewhat celestial interpretation of midnight – Creepy Crawlies. Be sure to listen to his track as you read the interview below.

Interview curated by M i s t e r / L of the phuture collective team.


phuture: What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘MIDNIGHT’?

RVKIT: The night sky, stars, my bed, and my alarm clock. Also creepy stuff like monsters, ghosts, and aliens.


phuture: Which type of “Creepy Crawlies” did you imagine crawling through this track?

RVKIT: The kind you see and go WTF IS THAT, then you search for it on the internet but you can’t find it anywhere.


phuture: Reverb is a big part of your tracks, can you tell us where you like to use it or where you really liked using it in this track?

RVKIT: I’d say I mostly use big reverb in my intros and breaks and outros and smaller reverbs on my synths and fx. never on the bass tho.


phuture: Great use of melodies and structuring turn your tracks into stories. How do you come up with/develop these stories?

RVKIT: I just sit down and put stuff where it feels right to me. I try not to rely on my knowledge of music and try to just focus completely on what feels right.


phuture:  If you could compare your bass lines to any food/drink what would they be?

RVKIT: diet coke cus thats probs what I was drinking at the time lol


phuture: If you had 5 free purchases right now for your productions, what would they be?

RVKIT: ozone, better headphones cus right now I’m just borrowing CLIN’s, a subwoofer, a studio room that is isolated to rid all forms of insecurities while I produce. and uhh OH a really nice field recorder.


phuture:  Give us two artists that you would love to work with this year!

RVKIT: Working with tapecut would be cool because I think our styles would work nicely together. Another person I’m trying to get on a track is Casey Black, a local rapper that’s been killin it lately.


phuture:  You’ve been so consistent putting out heat, are there plans to take RVKIT to the next level this year?

RVKIT: I mean that would be nice. I always try to better myself. but not any specific plans tho.


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