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Let’s jump right into things with our newest addition to issue thirteen | ZENITH from DIVERSA. This is not the first time we’ve interviewed him so we prepared some new questions for the occasion :).

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Phuture: We are warm and bubbly to bring you DIVERSA yet again for his 7th release on our platform. We’ll have to really think outside pandora’s box for some questions which will leave you, the reader, with an expanded mind. Let’s start things off with what you had for Lunch Mr. DIVERSA

DIVERSA: I always end up having taquitos for lunch. Taquitos are a divine way of letting us know perfection is the first characteristic of what allows origination to be possible.


Phuture: What have you been working on lately in regards to music? You have had some crazy cool singles lately that continues to showcase your DIVERSity. Got any ep or album plans?

DIVERSA:  I’ve got a few surprises up my right sleeve that I’m afraid to mention right now. 😉


Phuture: Can ‘miracles’ actually happen? If they aren’t ‘miracles’ then what are they?

DIVERSA: Everything that ever happens is the ultimate resort for everything else.


Phuture: How does ‘desire’ or ‘motivation’ play a role in your day to day life?

DIVERSA: Since we physically react to our own imaginations, desire is a force that regards how the imagination situates its own ‘plateau’ of physical behavior.


Phuture: If your music was a three course dinner – what would the courses be?

DIVERSA: Linguini, spaghetti, and extremely long rice.


Phuture: Is fear ‘good’?

DIVERSA: We behead it and hang its head on our walls.


Phuture: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

DIVERSA: .______.;


Phuture: We like to end things off by giving you a chance to shoutout 5 artists who will change the game in 2019 – so shoot!

DIVERSA: Qrion, Bandoum, onitram, sanjaux, yitaku.


Phuture: Anything else you want to say before we part ways for now?

DIVERSA: Sometimes trying to put good ideas into words doesn’t work out. But never try to forget what you mean.


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