The Ever Changing sounds of Rohaan x Untitld

Rohaan    Untitld   Untitld is back and he brought a friend! This friend is one of ours too – Røhaan – who’s been helping out behind the scenes as one of our staff members for the past few months. These two teamed up with their friend Elcay to bring us something ‘Ever Changing’ to […]

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CAMBOT & SubDocta acknowledge that ‘she gone’

SubDocta   CAMBOT We introduce you to SubDocta who came together with CAMBOT. You should remember CAMBOT from issue five | TIME – if you don’t then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in the links below. But for Now – we hope you enjoy the murky, dark and twisted sounds that these two bass musicians created under the theme […]

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HMU is off dem

We’ve been following these cats for awhile. From their hit exclusives to their amazing jobs creating Dont Die At Work – we’re excited to welcome HMU to phuture collective! They’ve created something real special for us which you can hear below, as part of issue eight | HEARTBREAK. Go ahead and listen to their track […]

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Detaching with Pacific Patterns

Pacific Patterns is no stranger to phuture – and we’re going to keep it that way! We’ve got a fresh new interview in from this Northwest based producer and we can’t wait for you to read it! Before you sink your eyes in, don’t forget to press play to listen as you read </3. Interview […]

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Going over ‘angles’ with chldrns.

We’ve been holding onto this track for far too long! What originally started out as a track for issue six has made it’s way into it’s destined home on issue eight | HEARTBREAK. What track are we talking about, and who’s it by?! chldrns, of course – who’s been a part of our community for […]

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issue eight | LUST

Euphoria. Thirst. Yearning. Emotions which fill the soul and change the temperature of the heart. You’ll go to ‘Desperate Measures’, feel ‘Friction’ and in the end we ‘Just Don’t Know’ what to expect out of such feelings. So, have no expectations and simply listen and feel the experience we have created, known as LUST. LUST, part […]

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experiencing the shift with jamesbryce

Are you familiar with , the place where you can submit your music to us and other like-minded labels? Well the founder is jamesbryce. who happens to be a talented musician we had the pleasure working with  for issue eight | LUST.  We had the chance to ask him a few questions – which you can […]

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ZenAware LUST’s for mellos

This is ZenAware‘s seventh release on phuture collective which makes him the #1 most released artist on phuture to this date! To celebrate we threw him a few ‘off-the-wall’ questions which you can read below. As you explore our interview don’t forget to press play to hear ‘Mellos’ as part of issue eight | LUST. […]

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Feeling the Sensuality with NO7iCE

You may have seen NO7iCE  on labels such as Chill And Vibe, Trap Cords & HOME BVSS . Now he’s on phuture collective premiering his track ‘Sensuality‘ as part of issue eight | LUST. Please enjoy listening by pressing play below, and continue to read our exclusive interview with this emerging Austrian artist! Interview curated by Soba & Floret Loret of phuture. _____________________________________________ phuture: […]

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