issue five | KUSH, LOVE & GOLD

Did you know St. Clement are TWO people?!

We just found out that St.Clement was two people, and we’ve been working with them since the beginning! It’s been inspiring being able to hear the two progress as they travel through the  world of sound. St.Clement has a weird style that you can’t quite call future bass, obviously-but-not-obviously  can’t call trap, and it tastes of psychedelic bass. While this […]

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Get the scoop behind Kiedo

Today you get to explore the world and mind of Kiedo Kiedo is from the east coast, Boston – Massachusetts to be not so precise. You may have seen Kiedo on Rauthentic through various euphoric releases. This producer is upping the standards as they collide multiple worlds into one, with their smooth takes on modern […]

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Dive deep into octn

Today you get to meet octn from Tampere, Finland. octn has been digging to find his niche and has struck GOLD. He has a close family with  midi보이즈 & éclat sound who have been giving full support throughout the journey. We had a chance to interview octn which you can read below. As you scroll down, don’t forget to […]

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Who is behind Nova Drops?

Discover Nova Drops with their second release on phuture collective! Nova Drops has been upping the game on a consistent basis, with no halting in sight. This producer claims to be from space… and we believe him! Be sure to scope out other spacey tracks on their page, after reading the interview below. While you read, […]

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who is vide ?

Today you get to meet vide, out of Baltimore, MD. This is their first release with phuture and hopefully not their last. We discovered Vide via midi보이즈, who have been releasing top notch content for months and months. we happily present to you a collaboration between Vide & DRUNKCAT which you can hear below. Don’t forget to […]

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Meet the man behind those Weaver Beats

Meet Weaver Beats who lives on an island that we all want to flock to. He runs Bloom Audio , which is our go-to source for mixing & mastering services. Having worked with such phuture members as pail, TriLLwAx, St. Clement, KOZMO… well the list goes on :). He’s been making music for years, and you […]

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Who is behind the A N K A ?

Today you will get to know A N K A who is bassed out of Philippines, Korea & New Zealand… simultaneously! A N K A has been upping the game since the start.  Seemingly months ago, this producer had talent, but wasn’t getting found. A N K A is certainly being found now, as a recent repost by Josh Pan, […]

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Get to know OSLO

Today you get to meet OSLO, joining us with their third submission on board phuture collective. Good luck guessing their former alias, as OSLO is the night to their former day. Since joining phuture we’ve had the pleasure of seeing releases from OSLO on top channels across soundcloud. From TYDE to Blaze It Records, you’ll […]

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See what has been hiding in the K R Y P T T

Today you get to meet KRYPTT  who is based out of San Fran & LA. KRYPTT has been upping his bass game the past year, and with his submission ‘Lil Mayo’ you’ll see just how much that game has been upped. Be sure to scope out their page for other killer tracks after you listen to this one. We […]

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We Want You To Know about The Flourish

Meet The Flourish with his second release on phuture collective. Since joining us a couple issues ago, we’ve grown closer with this Bloomington based artist. The Flourish is responsible for our music videos on issue three, as well as bringing new ideas together in our group chat. Stay posted as 2016 has big things in store […]

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