get to know verzache

meet verzache and keep your gaze steady because this might just be the biggest success story to come out of  Toronto. We had the chance to interview verzache which you can read below. You can check out a link to his submission nowhere here too. Listen, read, get your mind engaged, feel expensive. Interview with verzache: _____________________________________ Question: […]

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discover more about Bandapears

This is Bandapears‘ second submission with phuture. Since having him join us for issue five, it’s been a pleasure working closer as Bandapears’ creativity is beneficial to phuture. He’s out of Seattle, WA & has a sound he’s been sculpting for quite some time. If you can think of an artist who’s similar, post it […]

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learn more about samwise

You’ve stumbled upon samwise‘s fifth submission with phuture collective. They have been with us since the get go, right up there along with St. Clement & TriLLwAx . We grow more proud on the daily, as we see our visions turn into reality. We had a chance to interview samwise again, which you can find […]

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we heard you need Mo Vibez

Today you’ll get reintroduced to Mo Vibez out of Austria. This is his second release with phuture and hopefully not his last. The past year has been great for Mo, as he released two EPs spanning across multiple channels. You can check out his Wild Style EP & Champion Riddim EP by clicking the links here or below. We […]

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watch out for RVKIT

Today you get to meet RVKIT, out of New Jersey, who is reppin’ the east coast strong. RVKIT has been producing for years which has lead him to several releases on the biggest TRAP channel around. Now with their second submission into phuture with a 100% acceptance rate, we are ecstatic to launch off our […]

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discover who is sumthin sumthin

Today you get to meet sumthin sumthin out of LA. You might know them by their former alias C o n r a d. They’ve rebranded with a vibe that matches their new identity. We had the chance to interview them, so please check that out as you listen to their track ‘The World Keeps […]

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Get to know Theevs. on a higher level

Meet Theevs. . This is their second submission with phuture collective. You may remember them from issue four, with their track ‘Pain Barrier’. They are back! With another track perfectly designed to our theme of LOVE. You can read the interview below while you check out their track ‘Secret Garden’. Listen to : Theevs. – […]

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get to know balki

The next track as part of issue five | LOVE is brought to you by balki. They are out of sydney and have a sound that is morphing to be a bass genre of their own. a unique twist on the current future bass genre that is still evolving at a rapid pace. You can […]

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meet saint hologram

Today you’ll get to learn about an upcoming producer named saint hologram from Japan. You are going to wonder how you didn’t know of them before this. You can get to know them in the interview below. We recommend you play their track, ‘at night’ , as you read for maximum enjoyment. Listen to ‘At […]

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Meet Dendro

Today you get to meet Dendro , an artist out of Dallas, Texas. Please enjoy their track ‘Little Kid’ as part of issue five | LOVE . You can read up on the interview we had with them while you listen to the track by scrolling down below. Interview with Dendro : 1: Question: What […]

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