Meeting CAMBOT & Brío… just in TIME

CAMBOT came to us via recommendation by Milano & Indigo Beck. Having worked with CAMBOT the past few months, it was just a matter of TIME before his first release on phuture! This release is a collaboration with him and Brío… titled ‘Spent’ which you can hear below! Our interview was curated by Michael, founder of […]

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How did Bandapears & The Flourish get Carried Away?

If you’ve been following phuture collective the last year, then you know firsthand that Bandapears & The Flourish are no strangers! The are part of phuture’s core, so you can expect many more releases to come in the future on various platforms. Our interview with the these artists was curated by Michael of the phuture collective team. […]

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Get to know more about Kiedo

Today you get to explore Kiedo who comes to us straight from the eastern part of the United States. Massachusetts to be precise! Kiedo is no stranger to phuture collective, as this marks his third release with us!! Go ahead and check out our interview with him here as you take a ‘temporary vacation’ with his […]

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An ‘Easy’ experience with ZenAware

This is ZenAware‘s 5th track track with phuture collective & no stop is in sight for this veteran of the phuture collective family. With a recent release on So much is ahead for this artist that we won’t even spoil you, we’ll let you see for yourself. Our interview with ZenAware was curated by The Flourish of […]

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what happens when ELLIO and inspektah come together will take you ‘By Surprise’

ELLIO you may remember from his track ‘Coffee’ which premiered on phuture a few months back. Him & inspektah teamed up for this huge collaboration which will indeed, take you ‘by surprise’. Get to know more about these artists below, after you press the play button :). Interview curated by Michael, founder of phuture. _______________________________________________________________ […]

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Looking for Himmel? Learn about him here!

Today you get to explore Himmel who comes to us straight from WA DC with his first release on phuture collective. We found this artist via crown collective or Jadū Dala, where he released two different tracks that will have you riding waves. Trying to ride a wave right now? Let’s ride that wave ‘together’ with […]

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unearthing kuiters, an interview

We are euphoric to present you with kuiters’ first release on phuture collective. This artist is part of ‘sad artists‘ who’s roster consists of other like minds such as verzache, sophie meiers, VBND, zotti & octn. kuiters has been steadily releasing quality content on a large variety of platforms. By ‘large variety’ we’re not kidding! […]

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How did Neon Chief get his name?

Today, you get to read up on Neon Chief for the third time :). We’re full of euphoria with what this artist is going to do the next few months, as we’ve been able to hear the evolution first hand. We had a chance to ask Neon Chief new questions, which you will enjoy as […]

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How do you get to know the hermit?

Today we get to meet the hermit.  who comes to us from somewhere in the ocean. we’re eager to see where this artists goes in the months to come. He’s got a way of giving you the unexpected with each of his tracks. The second halves of his tracks he treats with care, as if he means […]

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what do cig.margot, khaki & dxwntxwn have to do with honey?

With great excitement we present you with our first three way collaboration! We feature Khaki , cig.margot 승민, & dxwntxwn who all happen to hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Pictured above on the left you can see dxwntxwn. On the right you can see khaki. Where is cig.margot? Not pictured but feel free to check his soundcloud to have even less […]

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