is it samwise to go digging in the candy casket?

Just a ‘Spoonful’ of Spacey sugar, thanks to this collab by samwise and Candy Casket. Check out a link to the track below while you peruse the interview we had with them. Pictured above is Candy Casket, if you want to see what samwise looks like, check out one of his other interviews here:  Enjoy […]

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engaged with The Flourish

You can listen to ‘Simian’ by The Flourish below, as well as check out the interview Bandapears had with him. ________________________________________________________________________ phuture:  Good noon Mr. Flourish, why don’t you start by introducing yourself to those of us who aren’t familiar with you. The Flourish: My name’s Dylan, I smoke entirely too much weed, drink an excessive […]

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the time is Now to meet refractor

Straight out of Portland, Oregon – we bring to you refractor.  With his first release on phuture, we hope it won’t be his last! _________________________________________________________________________ phuture: Hey refractor! So good to have you on board for SPACE! Why don’t you introduce yourself to those of us who may not be familiar with your work? refractor: Hello and […]

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read up on Player Dave

We had a chance to get to know player dave , and you can too! Check out the interview below, after hearing his track ‘Neptune’. ________________________________________________________________________ phuture: . What’s good Player? Glad to have you on board for SPACE! Why don’t you introduce yourself to those of us who may know the game but not the “Player” (I’m going […]

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Binx. & Weaver Beats redefine genres with their ‘Whip’

We have a special collab by Weaver Beats and Binx. on issue six | SPACE. Pictured above is Binx. , to see what Weaver Beats looks like, check out one of our other interviews with him here. You can check out a link to ‘Whip’ below, along with an interview of both the artists. ________________________________________________________________________ […]

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Were you seeking Methone ? We’ve got you covered!

Today you get to meet Methone  an Argentinian producer who’s’s space-like tendencies are causing an evolution in our sound as we know it. _______________________________________________________________________ phuture: Hello Methone! It’s a pleasure to have you on for Issue 6! Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Methone by Methone. Methone: Hello there! The pleasure is mine! […]

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Here to make a RVKIT

RVKIT brings us ‘Rover’ for the SPACE issue, which you can check out below, along with an interview by our very own Bandapears. phuture: Anyone that’s heard “Rover” by now should know you live up to your name. But What does RVKIT mean to you? Where does that part of you stem from and what do […]

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Discover the CLIN

We’re honored to welcome CLIN with his debut phuture release on issue six, ‘Io Plasma Torus’. We are excited for this young artist to grow within his vision and hope that you enjoy his track just as much as we do. You can listen to the track below, as well as read up on the interview […]

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Did you know St. Clement are TWO people?!

We just found out that St.Clement was two people, and we’ve been working with them since the beginning! It’s been inspiring being able to hear the two progress as they travel through the  world of sound. St.Clement has a weird style that you can’t quite call future bass, obviously-but-not-obviously  can’t call trap, and it tastes of psychedelic bass. While this […]

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