i can’t see The Third Floor

Surely you remember The Third Floor from issue eight | HEARTBREAK, right? If you don’t then you must have been sleeping, since he was featured as the opening track for one of our biggest compilations to date – up until here & Now : issue nine | ANXIETY. TTF changed things up a bit to cater to this theme and it’s […]

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Caught up in a rut with 92elm

92elm is back once-more to follow up with his hit track ‘Glimmer‘ as part of issue seven | SUNSET. What has he been up-to, you might ask? Well we’re here to give you the answers! Go ahead and scroll below to read – but don’t forget to press ‘play’ to hear his track ‘Rut‘ as part of issue […]

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What’s new with Holly?

We had the chance to interview Holly for the second time – but this time he’s bringing some tracks along with it :). To make up for our last interview with him, we’ve included TWO brand new exclusive collaborations between him & yunis & LITTLE SNAKE. A lot has changed since we last spoke with this artist so let’s […]

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leet is one of the BoolBids

leet has been crafting up some murky, bassy, & tasty tunes for a fair amount of time now. We discovered him several months ago but he really caught our eyes & ears when he dropped ‘Word’, which was a collaboration with CAMBOT who also appears on issue nine | ANXIETY. leet’s upping the game and we […]

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milan.. of Good Nature Collective gives us ‘Oppa’

Milan.. will be no stranger to you after this interview. The past few weeks he’s been gaining momentum by releasing top notch ‘murky’ and experimental content on both his own page, as well ‘Spiked Punch‘ & ‘Good Nature Collective‘. Funny thing about ‘Good Nature Collective‘ is that he’s the founder – so you better believe we […]

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How to prevent Serotonin Syndrome with Floret Loret

Floret Loret has been continually upping his game, changing styles on a monthly basis to hone in on diverse sounds which define him as a musician. This is his first release on our main Phuture Collective page and we couldn’t be happier to finally bring it to the world! You may have heard him on our partner channels […]

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issue eight | RECOVERY

It is with hope, patience, courage, reason, inspiration, harmony, acceptance, & rejuvenation that we present you with the following : RECOVERY, as part of issue eight | LUST, HEARTBREAK & RECOVERY. Individual Downloads & Interviews: Zero Tep w/ K The Infinite– Excitosis  Click here to read the interview  | Click here to download chromonicci.– Dreaming. Click […]

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Catch Up with Neguim.

We first heard of Neguim. from our friends at Kolossus Records. Since then he’s continued to release on other established labels like Souletiquette and Beatwise Recordings. Neguim. is a part of DARKER THAN WAX which you can discover at the bottom of this interview, but first – take a listen below! Interview curated by the Phuture […]

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