mad doodles w/ leet

Guess who’s back with their second release on Phuture Collective? None other than ‘leet‘ who has been honing into a sound which simultaneously few and many words can accompany. We had a chance to go over 2017 and reflect on the phuture with this emerging artist. Interview curated by Floret Loret of the Phuture Collective […]

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Red w/ Rohaan, roxas & KLAHRK

Red – featuring Røhaan, roxas & KLAHRK is an right-minded experience. To gain entry you must open your ears and brace yourselves. Expect nothing. We had a chance to interview these talented artists which you can read below! This interview was curated by SK^ GU^ from the Phuture Collective team.   : : Rohaan – pictured above.: […]

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Into the Sun with nine plus & Ill-Esha

Prelude: Big hello to nine plus and Ill-Esha! We’re more than pleased to have you both on issue ten | re-birth. We have many pressing questions to ask you, and some nonsensical ones… but we’ll attempt to keep those to a minimum. So let us get to it! Pictured above : Ill-Esha @ Down to […]

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Geolithic with Noer the Boy

Prelude: Hey Noer! Words can’t express how honored we are to have the chance to interview you for the fourth time! We’ve been over production techniques, the first album you bought, what inspires the naming of your tracks & so much more… so we’re gonna have to make this one extra creamy. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Phuture: What […]

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Getting ‘steamy’ with m-cubed

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team. ______________________________________________________ Phuture: Hey m-cubed!! Big warm welcome to Phuture Collective :). We’ve had our ears on you for quite some time, so it’s great to get a chance to get to know you! Tell the world a bit about who you are, and what you had […]

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issue nine | TRANQUILITY (w/ free downloads & interviews)

It is with peace, ease, calmness, hope, love, light, bliss, gratitude & presence with which we present the following: TRANQUILITY, as part of issue nine | ANXIETY, TRANQUILITY & EUPHORIA. Individual Downloads & Interviews: RZON (ft Egzon)– Only U Click here to read the interview  | Click here to download __________________________________________ M i s t e r / […]

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repose with gahn.

Interview curated by Michael & Megyn Van Wyk of the Phuture Collective team. Phuture Collective: Welcoming back another emotionally-inciting track from one of our crew. Thanks for releasing this gem with us, gahn! Can you tell us a bit about what went into the making of repose and, for those of us that don’t know, […]

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RZON creates art ‘only u’ can hear

  Phuture Collective : Welcome back RZON! So great to have you back – after your issue seven | SUNRISE. Tell the world what you’ve been up-to the past few months since we last exchanged words! RZON : Been working on a lot of projects, also been working with other artists (producing) (overall) a lot of […]

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Gold w/ summet & Bahnseye

It’s always a special feeling to invite a new face to Phuture – so when it’s two of them then that excitement is amplified. Bahnseye & summet have been with our community for awhile now, so we’re more ready than ever to show you who they are! Read below <3. _______________________________ Phuture Collective : WELCOME […]

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