issue six | TIME

issue six | TIME – A synesthetic encounter through sound. A dozen creative & forward-thinking artists from around the globe are featured here on this compilation. You can explore our interviews & listen to each track below! Be sure to cop the free downloads too :). Individual Downloads & Interviews: Noer the Boy x Indigo Beck […]

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We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing RVKIT three times now – this marks the fourth & you can be assured that many more are coming. The best part about these intimate encounters with RVKIT is that a different track shines through the spotlight each time. For this issue you’ll take a trip through the 4th […]

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Much ado about CLIN

CLIN is no stranger to phuture collective & you may remember him from issue six | SPACE. Whatever the reasoning that has you reading this here & Now, we’ve got something special for you! CLIN was able to be a part of issue six with two releases – one on SPACE & one here on TIME. […]

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Petaling through TIME with Noer the Boy & Indigo Beck

When artists off Courteous Family [Noer the Boy] & Rauthentic [Indigo Beck] combine forces to collaborate on a piece – what happens exactly? Not only can we tell you the results via sound – but we also have an exclusive interview to accompany your senses. Hailing from Seattle & Wisconsin these two artists now live in Portland together. […]

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Chewing Nothing with DIVERSA

  It was 12:30 AM on a Tuesday night sometime in the spring back in 2014 when I , Michael, was perusing soundcloud. Nothing was atypical other than that when refreshing the main page – there was a brand new DIVERSA track. After the first listen – it was immediately downloaded & replayed several times […]

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Surrounding Pacific Patterns

We warmly present you with Pacific Patterns & his second release on phuture collective. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know this northwest bas(s)ed musician – there is no better TIME than Now. Interview curated by Michael, founder of phuture collective. Begin Interview: ___________________________________________________ phuture: You seemingly are always evolving. Almost two […]

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This interview is not void but null

Although this artist’s name is null, his sound sure is valid. As you peruse his soundcloud, enjoy hearing his evolution throughout the past six months of his journey thus far. You’ll find him on our SLACK community – aiding with feedback, collaboration & general support. He’s been a close part of phuture the past few months – […]

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Who or where is CHROME REPUBLIC?

CHROME REPUBLIC was recommended to us by the founder of Top Cats, as an artist we should check out… so we did just that! Upon checking him out we discovered that his sound is one to be inspired by. You can hear what we’re talking about by checking out his song ‘beetroots’ here below. Interview […]

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hours with guppi

  guppi just hit 1,000 followers upon the publishing of this interview, so it’s the best TIME for you to discover this experimental bass artist from the US.  Having collaborated with artists like Weaver Beats & duce – only TIME will tell what other collaborations are in the works. Interview curated by Michael, founder of […]

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If you ever go ᴄʜᴀsɪɴɢ ʀᴀʙʙɪᴛs

ᴄʜᴀsɪɴɢ ʀᴀʙʙɪᴛs comes to us from an unknown place on the planet we call Earth. Not much has been documented on this artist, until Now… as part of issue six | TIME. To get a better feel for this artist as you read the interview, we recommend you check out his track ‘Ups’ right below. Our […]

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